Meet India’s Youngest CEOs Shravan and Sanjay

Meet India’s Youngest CEOs Shravan and Sanjay


The legends like Steve Jobs and Dhirubhai Ambani have inspired many entrepreneurs around the world. But, the first time in Indian history, two young boys joined the brigade of young startups and proved that age is just a number.Yes, you have just heard the right news. Two brothers from Chennai – Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran have become India’s youngest CEOs ever.

In 2012, two kids have started a company ‘Go Dimensions’ with the motive of developing Mobile App for the digital world that would make life easier. Besides, they have already created four mobile applications that have seen 10,000+ downloads all over the world.

The Inspiration

The pair was strongly inspired by the “Steve Jobs”. They used to hear the story of Steve from their Dad multiple times.  They had developed 150+ test apps before coming up with their 1st official app “Catch Me Cop”. Their other application – Alphabet Board has got a 5-star rating on the App store. Today, Shravan (15 ) and Sanjay Kumaran (14) strive to get at 50% of the users in India to use their mobile apps.

So, how it gets started?

When Shravan was in 3rd standard, his Dad gave them a Desktop; they really got interested to know how it works. So, slowly they learned how to prepare PPT. They also got interested in Animation and graphics so learned PhotoShop. Their Dad started teaching them QBasic, and that’s how they found their interest in programming.

They easily manage their time for work as well as study. They spend around 1 hour a day for programming and 1 hour for games. Nowadays, they are planning to come up with some cool games. With GoDimensions, the mission of two boys is to develop the simple solution for the difficult Digital World. Many foreign companies have approached them for the partnership in Localization.

Brilliant lads have even given a talk at TedX.

You can check out their website right here.

Meet India’s Youngest CEOs Shravan and Sanjay
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