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Udviser: Augmented Reality App for Shoppers and Movie Lovers

In today’s technology world, it’s difficult to surprise anybody with a new app. Especially with a shopping app. As of today, Google Play Store...
Pharmacyonnet startup story

Wellnessmonk.com: Mr.Gyaan Dixit’s Entrepreneurial Endeavor to provide an Organic Life

“A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Colin Powell The aforesaid quote holds true for Mr. Gyaan Dixit...

Glamrada – India’s finest Beauty Product Reviews Platform for Beauty Enthusiasts

The growth of beauty industry in recent years in India is no secret. With increasing awareness and disposable incomes, people are spending more time...

ebzaar: Mumbai based hyper local Shopping Startup

eBZaar.com makes your local shopping easy & rewarding. Period. We (aim to) bring your entire neighborhood on your smartphone, at the touch of your...

The Cofounder launched India’s first startup magazine

“The Cofounder” is one of its first kind of magazine which writes exclusively about the News and Stories of an early stage startup and...

With a large number of entrepreneurs, Indore has become a big startup hub

Today, India has become one of the growing hubs of entrepreneurs.  And, more than 500 startups are raised in Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal and Indore)....

Spring Edge : A Business Communications Startup

Spring Edge, A Business Communications Company which strives to create next generation of business communication experience with innovative ideas and solutions for consumers and...

ShoppingKart24: Creating Brand India

Shoppingkart24 started its journey on a path of powerful concept where it focuses on empowering rural and urban vendors, therefore giving them a platform...

The story of Jewelebration, where we celebrate jewellery!

The jewellery market in India is proliferating however; there are certain challenges for selling jewellery online. In India, buying jewellery is a tradition &...

Idrowash, a Professional Cleaning Startup : Italy Startups

Yes, there is life beyond the app! When we talk, about startups are accustomed to thinking of the digital, but a good idea can...

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