Dr. Viral Desai gives new meaning to neurosurgery

Dr. Viral Desai is a renowned surgeon in the country with diverse experience. He has worked with some of the top institutions and hospitals in the country. Being an internationally reputed neurosurgeon, Dr. Viral Desai has successfully conducted many complex operations and is one of the most sought-after doctors in the country. Despite fo having … Read more

Metaverse basics, The Importance of NFTs, and Future Use Cases


The Metaverse has become the buzz of the town, with IT companies hovering around to help us improve our digital experiences. Many corporations, including Microsoft, Meta Inc., and Google, are already placing bets on the metaverse’s promise as a vast virtual online environment. The essentials Uninitiated onlookers may think the metaverse is an amalgam of … Read more

360-degree Feedback and Continuous Performance Management’s Undeniable Benefits

Every company wants to have workers who work to the best of their abilities and are a valuable asset in pursuing the company’s long-term success. Using performance management software may significantly impact a company when this is the case. Due to its time commitment, a 360-degree performance appraisal was formerly reserved for evaluating the company’s … Read more

Com.facebook.katana – What is katana and How to fix Facebook Katana?

Do you also face the situation where you have no idea about what a particular application is doing on your phone? Sometimes all such strange incidents makes us pretty cautious about our privacy. With such digital innovations day by day, data leak has become quite popular these days. One such application is com.facebook.katana. Let’s start by … Read more

Nitin Shah – A look into Shah’s Life

About Nitin Shah – Founder of shimnit Nitin Shah, Founder and Managing Director of Shimnit India started his career at the age of 17. At first, he joined his father’s foundry business. He pursued his passion to learn the business from a young age and focused on learnings and self-development. Seeking growth to his business, Nitin … Read more