4 Entrepreneurial lessons you can learn from Steve Jobs

4 Entrepreneurial lessons you can learn from Steve Jobs

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In 1976, Apple was born in a garage as an entrepreneurial company founded by Steve Jobs. The journey that Steve visited from those difficult starts to building the richest company in the world can prepare entrepreneurs a great lesson about what they actually need to succeed.

The post reveals some of the amazing lessons you can learn from Steve’s entrepreneurial journey.

Success starts and ends with perseverance
Steve Jobs got success because he continued in the face of several failures. He didn’t give up and seemed to have irreverence towards collapse. He understood that it was just a difficult part of the journey, and it would encourage him to come up with the new ideas. One example is when he was being fired from Apple in 1985, he founded Pixar and then NeXT within a few months.

Dazzle, always
From the launch of first Mac computer to the production of the iTunes store, Steve Jobs understood how to engage the audience. His every launch was beautifully planned and choreographed. With Apple, he always strived hard to deliver the high-quality products and get people excited about what they may launch next.

Make the value clear
Always keep the things simple and easier. Under Jobs’s command, Apple products were produced to work amazingly. With a simple instruction, one can take a device out of its box and start using it. However, simplicity makes it easy for the customers to use your product or service.

Customers don’t like to have too many choices
Most companies produce a wide range of products, all with somewhat different features and specifications. While returning to Apple, Steve realized that simplicity was the key to success. Rather than offering dozens of choices, the Apple focused on building just a few product series i.e. iMac and the MacBook, each one is designed specifically for a different type of user.

If you are looking forward to start a business, then go ahead and start it today. It may hard to start but don’t give up. Sometimes, you need to slow things down, be careful and make it simple, that’s what Steve Jobs did.


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