5 most beautiful beaches on Koh Samui

5 most beautiful beaches on Koh Samui


Koh Samui is a tropical island, and it is not surprising that you will find some beautiful beaches here. Most beaches are accessible and easily accessible. Incidentally, it does not matter which beach you are on, because with a moped you can drive across the island quite quickly in search of other beautiful places.

But what are the most beautiful beaches on Koh Samui? We have listed them.

# 1 Chaweng Beach

The most popular beach on Koh Samui. The reason? It is easy to reach and above all, very beautiful. In the afternoon, you can also dive well here on the beach. And in the evening when the sun is down, only then will Chaweng show his real nature.

Chaweng Beach is, therefore, the location on Koh Samui to go out. Unfortunately, due to this popularity, the average room price has also increased slightly in recent years.

# 2 Bophut Beach

Bophut is two places; you have Bophut Beach, which stretches between Big Buddha and Maenam Beach, and the old village of Bpohut. This is perhaps one of the oldest places on the island, a genuinely charming fishing village. It is a bit quieter than Chaweng Beach but no less beautiful. The nice thing about Bophut is that there is such a chill atmosphere in the village.

# 3 Maenam Beach

This is one of the last real backpacker beaches. And that is partly due to the beautiful view of Koh Phangan. Perhaps it is due to the fact that many of the resorts were located at the end of the beach, so you still have a degree of privacy here.

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# 4 Lipa Noi Beach

If you come to Koh Samui by car (yes, you can), Lipa Noi is probably the best option. This is due to the presence of the pier where car ferries can moor. It is a beautiful beach with white sand.

Unfortunately, there is no coral, so you cannot dive or snorkel here.

# 5 Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach is the second-largest resort area (after Chaweng). It is quieter and less crowded than its Chaweng, but you will still find plenty of accommodation, eateries, and shops. You also have several spas and tourist sites to explore. After Chaweng Beach, you will find most travelers here.

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