7 Things To Know Before Launching Your Start-up

7 Things To Know Before Launching Your Start-up


Entrepreneurship is all about constant learning, and most of the startup owners learn the hard way that there is no relation between the expectations and the reality. You may have plans of launching your startup, but in reality, you are not.

There are probabilities that a first-time entrepreneur may know different things, but business’s teacher has always been the ‘experience.’ Here are 7 things you should know before launching your startup.

Gather All Your Friends

First and foremost, you need to have a list. Consider downloading your Outlook and Gmail contacts along with your old contacts. Now, it’s time to get your data into a customer relationship management system, some of the best ones are Salesforce and Zoho, or you can also make a choice from a huge variety of tools out there. Make sure you thoroughly go through it, merge it, eliminate, and don’t forget to cultivate your list.

You can choose to make notes as who might be an influencer or who might be a press contact. Make sure you realize their significance as you will be needing them when you launch your startup. Make sure you have even considered building a LinkedIn profile, trust me this will come handy.

Have a Webpage Having Sign-Up Form

This will certainly come handy in attracting all those people who will show great interest in having a behind-the-scenes look at your company. This will also provide them with an opportunity of getting the first-hand experience of your product which is going to be launched.

Make sure you have kept a close watch on the daily sign-ups. You can also choose to set up a web page so that you get a notification every time someone signs up. This will also help you in sending a follow-up thank you. You have easy access to various CRM packages offering free sign-up forms, and you can use these forms on your website.

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Start A Blog

The significance of content has increased considerably of late, and it can be your prelaunch friend as well. Are you wondering why? Because you will be in a better position to start an effective search engine optimization for all your keywords. The secret here is to offer the customers with high-quality and informational content on a daily basis.

It is important you are well-aware of what content needs to be generated. You can offer sneak peeks at the progress your company is making, fun equips, How-Tos, I hope you have got the idea of what I am talking about. You can choose to post weekly progress about the activities taking place in your company. These posts will really help in adding some color about the ordeals you are facing as you get close to your launch. This will make the readers more involved. You can add keywords in your posts and optimize your blog for the different search engines. Redirect it to your domain with the help of WordPress will really come handy.

Indulge In Facebook

Make your company’s page on Facebook and invite all your friends and family members to like your page and also the content you will be posting. Don’t forget to like your competitor’s page and other press outlets, that you want should cover your launch. You can also start a ‘like my page’ campaign, and this will surely give a boost to the Likes, so you get more engagement.

Passion for making It Big

Agreed, you may be having a killer idea and have all the finances as well, but make sure you have the zest and the drive to do something big; otherwise it’s of no use. As a budding entrepreneur, you should delete the word ‘No’ from your dictionary. You will come across various challenges, and you should be prepared to take on any challenge. Let me discuss some of the common problems you may come across –

  • Competition – The corporate world is quite competitive, and you may have to face fierce competition. This one element poses the biggest challenge for a startup and if you have an online business, then gear up to face even tougher competition.
  • Hiring suitable candidates – Synergy of the team is one of the key elements behind the success of any startup. The team should have a common focus and capabilities.
  • Financial Management – Always remember one thing when your income rises, the expenditures as well. Most of the startups are dependent on funding from the investors. When there is a cash influx, the startups tend to find it hard to manage the funds. So, it is important to have sound financial management skills.

Simplify Your Ideas

You might be good at remembering things, but it always comes handy to pen down your ideas and thoughts. From there, you can build upon the main idea rather than be adding more extra information and details. Remember one thing that too much white noise will not take you anywhere while keeping the things straight & simple will make your goals easier to comprehend for your potential investors.

Educate Yourself

Never shy away to ask for advice from someone who is more experienced than you. These are the people who have seen it all, and they have been through these situations and came out as a winner. It is important to build reliable connections that will support you through your tough times. Just remember, you can’t go out there facing the ordeals all alone.

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