7 Tips to Create better Mobile Friendly Web Design for your Startup

7 Tips to Create better Mobile Friendly Web Design for your Startup


With everyone going mobile these days, people have started to use their smartphones rather than their desktops or laptops for everything they do in their day-to-day lives. Google has also stated that there is an increased number of search queries done on mobile devices than on desktop. That means there is an increased demand for websites that are mobile friendly and responsive. So, it is a must that the web designs are complete as per the latest standards and are mobile-friendly for sure. Below are some tips from the experts in the industry that will surely make your website stand out from the rest and help in increasing the SERP.


It is one of the most important aspects to understand the usability of a mobile website because the users of your web page must be able to take advantage of all the features provided on the site. The best way to ensure this is by starting off to view your current site on your mobile before handling it to the customers. If you find any issues like navigation time or unresponsive design, you can sort it out at your level first.

Not just Responsive

At times it is not possible to create totally responsive designs that have the same view on all mobiles. So it is best to create separate websites for two different kinds of phones so that there are no issues concerned with the responsiveness of the site. This makes the coding part also easy, and the cost is also less. The only problem is that the designer will have to maintain two different code bases and upload content to both.

Focus on the latest trends and UX

Over the last two years, the trend is to develop simple designs with minimalism. As it is obvious that the screen size is less on the mobile and we want to share the maximum yet essential information with the users. Recent mobile designs like ‘hamburger menu’ are often used, that have a hidden navigation menu until the user taps on the horizontal lines in the corner. This feature is universally known and saves a lot of screen space. Form completion is another important feature and can be done as a multi-step process rather than showing the entire form on one page itself. Apart from providing a better user experience, there is also an improvement in the bounce rate.

Understanding the user needs

Another important point is to fully understand and research the niche area before building the mobile site.  Analyzing the websites of the competitors and the features and designing trends they have used, is going to help you to create a better site than your competitors. Choosing a split way like different font styles and layouts is the best way out.

Content layout should be compatible for cross-platform

There has to be a logical and aesthetic way to design the mobile friendly website while considering the following points:-

  • Legible typography
  • Dynamic and fluid navigation
  • Buttons should be easy to press & Must have large size
  • Icons where words can be replaced
  • Pop-ups should be avoided

CTA (Call to action buttons)

Mobile CTA buttons are usually bold and striking and attract the user attention inarguably. They have to be easily accessible and noticeable on the page, e.g., like signing a newsletter, add to cart options, etc. Clearing space around the icons, using concise and inspiring words, etc. will solve the purpose.

Keep in mind the Brand Continuity

This is the best practice in all design and marketing areas. This means that the color schemes, logos, and graphics are communicated well over the mobile. The mobile site is an essential way of marketing your business or task, so it should be used well.

So, if you find that your mobile site is not gaining enough SERP and the business is not achieving the desired results then it is surely a great help for you to go through the above-shared tips and use then effectively. Coming straight from the experts and famous designers, we assure that it will help to boost your success in your desired domain.

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