8 Different Ways You Can Help Your Business Videos Goes Viral On...

8 Different Ways You Can Help Your Business Videos Goes Viral On YouTube


YouTube videos have turned out to be the most ingrained part of our society. Each and every one of us wants our business videos to go viral, no matter if they are just posting for professional reasons, trying to grab attention to something like an event, or businesses hoping to boost up the sales using the power of the internet. The best ways to reach out your marketing audiences and messages across the web today is through the videos, not just any video but something that captures and helps you in grabbing the attention of your marketing audiences. Given below are the 10 different ways you can help your business videos go viral on YouTube.

Focussing on the current event and trends: If something is current you do have a better chance of getting your content reviewed because people are searching it on google, twitter and everyone on the search engine. So have an eye on the Google news section checking out the latest Google trends. News related things are the first ones to appear on Twitter, so do make sure that you pay attention to the keywords and hashtags.

Understanding how things go viral on the internet: We all do see and know that the videos on YouTube continue to get millions of views even today, wondering where did they all come from. Say for example the video of girls learning to dance in a year goes viral. You can try out many things. It’s just that you need to pay off in order to make your video go viral. For some, it was Reddit, for some it is YouTube even today. Each and every one of us might be thinking something different. So your major goal here is to write you up as their marketing power is ridiculous.

Making your videos shorter: The very first thing you need to do while playing a video is to check how long it is. It then helps the viewers to decide whether to watch the video or not. Have your videos created for 10 minutes, 2 minutes, or say 30 seconds making it even shorter. Have small videos created without missing the importance of your story.

Making sure that it gives an emotional touch: Just like in the book Contagious – Why things catch on that I recommended to you in a few articles, it is imperative that the video does affect your customers emotionally. When people get emotionally excited, they then come forward to take an immediate action, whether this action is to comment happy, angry, etc. There has always been a reason upsetting news travels 100 times, faster than the happy news. There have been times people will continue to share funny songs over normal songs. These are a few things that have successfully created emotional responses in us that make us share. And if you are successfully able to trigger out those responses with your music and video, it will definitely spread like hell.

Be mindful of Keywords and Tags: This is one of the most important thing that you need to remember to get your content discovered. Do have things kept in mind that people are trying to find videos using keywords and phrases to search for stuff, wishing your content to come up in the search results. Do make sure that you have keywords been mentioned that could easily fit into the headline, description, and throughout the text body if it has not much content been written. Platforms like YouTube, Tumblr, and Twitter making use of the hashtags helping you show up in the search results.

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Timing is really very important: Do have a tab kept around of what’s happening around you. In order to make your videos go viral, you need to make sure that you are aware of the current events. By drawing an inspiration from the current online meme or popular topic, you can here capitalize on its fame. Say for example think of the parodies on games of thrones. The time of realizing such a video is perfect. If you can deal with the current topics, the chances are that the audiences will come forward and take a note of it.

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Avoid Promoting the brand too much: Do not go overboard while flashing the logo of your business video. Videos are generally created as a means of promoting a brand that will surely related to a company, but if there is no call to action been involved chances are people will dump it and never bother to come forward and share it.

Information is always welcome: There are two different ways you can reach out your marketing audiences be it entertainment or information. Social media folks are always searching out for something fresh and new. If you can provide this information something like this it will also help in making your videos go viral. Each and every one of us is interested in learning something new and has not known before. Thus you can here use great tools spreading information on great tools.

To Conclude:
Finally, it’s all about creating compelling business videos to go viral on YouTube, evoking the right emotions, and creating ripples on social media. So what other strategies would you like to add in order to make your business video go viral. Do leave your thoughts and answers in the comments section below.

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