Abhicarya will be initiative to lend a helping hand to rural artisans...

Abhicarya will be initiative to lend a helping hand to rural artisans : Pankaj Chaudhary ( Founder )


Abhicarya works for the betterment of the artisan community in India. The team of Abhicarya is trying to provide a business platform to these artisans where they can showcase their products. We have also gone ahead to entice international market for exhibiting their merchandises. With their help, the underprivileged artisans in India are now getting a worldwide platform to showcase their talent and hence earn deserving money. Abhicarya is having unique ideas to promote rural artisans. Abhicarya is geared up with the earnest goal to provide economic upliftment of the artisans that are engrossed working in preserving the heritage of the handicrafts industry in India. Via Abhicarya, Mr. Pankaj wants to give a platform where the artisans can be given worthwhile return so they can upgrade their living and uplift there future accordingly.

Pankaj Chaudhary, the Founder/CEO of the company, Abhicarya Technologies Pvt.Ltd. is from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. He always felt a strong penchant towards entrepreneurship, working on social matters and helping others. In lieu of this, he started his small venture with a unique idea to promote rural artisans. Pankaj’s motto was creating value for India handicrafts and craftsmen who are customarily ignored in the commercial stadium to give a platform to step into the realm of showing handicraft products to the domestic as well as international marketplace. His company “Abhicarya” is headed up with the fervent objective to provide economic upliftment of the rural artisans. Pankaj travels in rural and outer parts of India in search of finest artisans so they can get the platform by Abhicarya and let the primordial traditional artisans to know their pervasive talent in the easiest way and offer employment to rural India. As he has lots of experience in E-commerce and he better knows how to sell the products online with profits, the key source for his entrepreneurial initiative are artisans who all are not getting the value for their hard work.

India is acknowledged all over the world for its diversified culture and communities. The most amazing part of Indian culture is its art. Art inhabits at each home in rural India. There is a specialty about each India state and art sets each of them apart from the other. Cottage industry is the lifeblood of rural India’s economy and creativeness runs through the veins of every Indian. Every India state has its own kind of art that is fostered and practiced by artisans living there. Regrettably, not all these artisans relish favorable living conditions and are inept to get a better life. The underprivileged and poor artisans in India barely can afford to earn a livelihood. They work hard for least price that they get for their products. Not much is done to improve the situations for these artisans. However, some well-wishing individuals like Pankaj Chaudhary put forth their best foot for helping the hard-working rural artisans of India and improving their living condition. He has been successfully lending a helping hand via his organization i.e. Abhicarya, to support these underprivileged artisans living in several parts of rural India.

Considering the client base is an urban class, all the products made by rural artisans are sold on an online portal, under the store Abhicarya Lane by name Abhicarya and its presence at Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Ebay any many more are coming. Abhicarya doesn’t employ any artisans. It rather outsources the merchandises which are unique and possess a higher market demand. Abhicarya has quite interesting yet focused ambitious plans. They are anticipating more sales by adding more in the unique range. The company is also in talks with other national and international retail chains to have its merchandises on the shelf. They will soon be launching stone art, fashion accessories, home furnishings, etc. for online sales. There are several other expansion plans in the pipeline for future.


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