Android Apps to Boost Your Phone’s Efficiency

Android Apps to Boost Your Phone’s Efficiency


Android phones today are built to handle the vast number of apps and tasks that we rely on them for, boasting robust batteries and faster operating systems than older models. It is, however, precisely because of this that we also expect our phones to maintain superior performance even when operating under the burden of battery-draining apps and browser-slugging activities. While Android phones do an excellent job standing up to the demands of today’s consumers, there are a number of apps out there that can go a long way in helping boost your phone’s efficiency and performance. This education app developer tells you which apps will boost your android’s efficiency.


This free app allows you to tweak your Android’s native processor to boost CPU (central processing unit) performance. By lowering the specific speed of your phone’s processor based on the specific actions being executed at the time, SetCPU helps save valuable battery life. The one drawback is that slowing down the clock speed of the phone’s processor may impede the performance of some higher-end applications. If, however, saving battery life is a primary concern, SetCPU can give your phone some much-need help at zero cost.

Assistant for Android

Another free app, Assistant for Android is one of the most comprehensive and user friendly tools available to improve your Android’s performance. With features such as cache cleaner, system cleaner, monitor status, process manager, and power saver, this app helps speed up your phone’s performance while also saving battery life. One of the more popular tools for boosting Android efficiency, Assistant for Android is an easy to use one-stop app for drastically improving your mobile device experience.

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Consistently rated as one of the best battery-saving apps for Android, Greenify works by putting apps into hibernation mode whenever they are not currently being used. Also available for free on Google Play, Greenify helps your phone work quickly and efficiently regardless of how many apps you have installed on your device. Thanks to the auto-hibernation feature of Greenify, the app takes care of all the work for you, allowing you to take full advantage of a speedier phone and longer battery life without requiring any additional steps. Just be sure not to Greenify any apps that should never hibernate (such as alarms and other important notifications)!

Go Battery Saver & Power Widget

Also available for free on Google Play, this app helps save and extend battery life by monitoring the battery usage of specific apps on your phone. With a modern and intuitive design, Go Battery Saver & Power Widget is easy to use and offers a one-click optimize button that cleans up battery-sucking sources to give you some extra time of phone usage. With home screen widgets that give users a quick shortcut to features, this app is a smart and easy way to save precious battery life and boost the efficiency of your Android device.

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