Astra Asset Management UK : A Leader in Alternative Credit Investing

Astra Asset Management UK : A Leader in Alternative Credit Investing


Astra Asset Management UK has been doing really well for ten years. They’ve been making good profits that don’t always go up and down at the same time as other investments. Since they started in 2012, Astra AMCO has become a top company in Europe for handling money differently, aiming to do better than others in all types of markets.

Astra AMCO’s strength: The team, led by Anish Mathur

Lots of people, including the people who started the company, have trusted their money with Astra Asset Management UK since the beginning. They’re proud that their interests are the same as the investors’ and they want to do better, not just get bigger. Anish Mathur from Astra says, “We want to be the best, not the biggest. We take pride in how we study things and the quality of the profits we make. No one from outside pushes us to get more money to invest.”

Astra Specialist Credit, part of Astra Asset Management, is really careful with how it invests. They look deeply into the credit of different things and use math to understand the risk and price of assets.

The main strength of Astra AMCO is its team, led by Anish Mathur. Anish Mathur started Astra AMCO and is the boss of Astra Asset ManagementUK Limited. Before this, he worked for a big bank where he was responsible for a lot of money in different assets.

Anish Mathur and some other important people have been working at Astra Asset Management since it started. They used to work together at the big bank where they managed over USD 20 billion together. This shows how experienced Astra AMCO is with different kinds of investments and how they can find risky credit.

Shikha Gupta: Carving out Astra AMCO’s Differentiated Investment Approach

During the ten years they’ve been around, Astra AMCO has added more people to their team. They now have one of the biggest and most experienced teams in structured credit and lending. They’re good at private lending and handling tricky situations with loans.

The main fund managed by Astra Specialist Credit Investments Limited is run by Shikha Gupta. She’s well known in the investment world and has been named one of the top women in hedge funds. Under her management, the main fund has been making about 12% profit every year for ten years. Other private accounts have been making about 19.56% profit.

Astra AMCO does things differently in investing. They have the knowledge of a small company but can do things that usually only big companies can. They use what they know about assets like houses and loans to find good deals.

They try to get good deals without taking too many risks. Anish Mathur says they look for the best deals in American and European mortgages that others might not see. They study the value of houses and look deeply into the rules and conditions of deals, even the hidden ones.

Astra AMCO is really active in managing their investments. They’ve been doing better than the stock market since they started. Shikha Gupta, the manager, has been leading efforts to make sure their investments do well. They work hard to understand the details of their investments and aren’t afraid to get deeply involved in the work.

Astra AMCO’s market outlook..

Astra Asset Management is mostly focused on making profits that don’t follow the usual trends. But sometimes, they take more common risks if they think it’s a good time.

In 2023, they’re planning to focus more on private lending. They see this as a good opportunity because banks are lending less and companies are offering security for loans. They think this will match their skills in making good deals.

Astra Asset Management wants to take advantage of this time by making deals that are safe, with less risk and a chance for good profit. They also think that when markets are uncertain, it’s better to trust experienced people who can find good deals, instead of just following the crowd.

Overall, Astra Asset Management is good at structuring deals that are safe, with less risk and a chance for good profit.

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