Udviser: Augmented Reality App for Shoppers and Movie Lovers

Udviser: Augmented Reality App for Shoppers and Movie Lovers


In today’s technology world, it’s difficult to surprise anybody with a new app. Especially with a shopping app. As of today, Google Play Store and Apple App Store account for 2.6 and 2.2 million of apps respectively. Respectively. www.modernthrill.com have report that a big part of them represents shopping apps.

Shopping for food is a part of our everyday life. Whether we want it or not, we need to deal with food shopping on a regular basis. Hence, it’s natural that people browse information about the products. On the other side, today’s consumers demand more information and transparency about the products they buy.
E.g. as regards packaged food products, shoppers wish to have relevant information about the product content and nutrition facts. They read online product reviews and feedback from other customers, use promotional codes can find nearest stores, etc. And apps are really good at helping shoppers to make a right choice.

The challenge is, however, there are too many apps that provide similar information, and it might be time-consuming to find apps, download them, get familiarized how they work, etc. Moreover, they are often targeted at specific stores, and it does not add too much comfort to users switching from one application to another in search of pertinent information.

Welcome to Udviser by ROAR, the free mobile app that deals with the majority of challenges shoppers face.

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Udviser app leverages augmented reality technology that brings interactive and engaging experiences for the shoppers. Below are just some of Udviser features:

  • Customer reviews
  • Product information
  • Nutrition facts
  • Product related commercial video
  • Recipes
  • Hot promotions (coupons)
  • Price comparison
  • Nearest stores
  • Order online

How does it work?

This is easier that you can imagine. Shoppers just need to point their smartphone at a packaged food and be ready to experience augmented reality! They will receive comprehensive information coupled with entertaining content. No rush, no additional search over the web, no need of wasting time. Currently, Udviser database makes up more than 10,000 packaged foods and drinks.

The app aims to make the customer shopping journey comfortable, convenient as well as exciting along with augmented reality.

Udviser for movie lovers

Meanwhile, that’s not all. Creators of the app made life of movie buffs far too comfortable. Except for providing information about the movie, Udviser brings static posters to life.

How does it work?

Movie fans just need to point a mobile phone at a movie poster and scan it. The app will show as follows:

  • Movie trailer that will be directly on the poster
  • Movie reviews and overview
  • Nearest cinemas
  • Opportunity to buy tickets

The exciting thing is that movie lovers can scan any poster located in any part of the world. Udviser saves time bringing convenience and fun through augmented reality.

Udviser team is working on other use cases. Most likely, soon we will see more examples how augmented reality ‘augments’ our lives.

Stay tuned www.theroar.io/udviser

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