Becoming an Entrepreneur with just her voice as an Asset

Becoming an Entrepreneur with just her voice as an Asset


You might not have seen her. But would have heard her in your daily lives on your phone, TV, radio, or films. The voice which says “ is caller tune ko copy karne ke liye..

”Gurdip Wadhwa Sial is a successful voice-over artist and a voice trainer. She is also the founder of audio and voice-over company, G-Corp Media ( ) based in Mumbai. With quirky interiors and rib tickling quotes everywhere, her office is a delight for every visitor. The company has in-house recording studios from where they provide voice over, dubbing, translation, subtitling and content services. The company specializes in audio content not only in Indian but international languages as well. G-Corp Media also provides training in the area of voice and communication for kids, adults and corporate. Every month many aspiring voice artists flock to G-Corp studios to learn the tricks of the trade from her.

Gurdip was born and brought up in a traditional Punjabi family. Apart from being good in academics she was an active performer on stage and a good speaker. I used to practice dialogues for hours in front of the mirror, learn tough words from the dictionary, and work on my English by reading out aloud every day, reminisces Gurdip . She wanted to move to Mumbai with a dream of becoming an entrepreneur in the media field but was discouraged by her extended family as no one had even crossed Chandigarh so moving to Bollywood city was looked down upon. Her dad agreed but first she had to get an MBA from a good college. “I
remember apart from preparing for my entrance exams I fasted for days, visited every temple, gurdwara, dargah in my area praying I get something in Mumbai and finally I did and landing on Dadar railway station was a Bollywood moment for me.. “ says gurdip.

After her B school, she started her professional journey as a Banker but just being a banker and sitting in front of a laptop all day didn’t feel right to Gurdip. She knew this isn’t what she wanted to do for the rest of her life but the struggle to find the right opportunity was getting frustrating ass he didn’t know anyone in the media industry. Then one phone call and she was introduced to the world of voice overs. A small recording in a studio led to more assignments and soon she started doing a lot of voice overs and dubbing projects. She got an opportunity to be an RJ with Radio city too. She kept saying YES to everything that came her way and says “ I didn’t know how I was going to do it but all I knew was I AM GOING TO DO IT !! “ All this ground work and with minimum risk approach, G-Corp Media came into existence and became her passion for life.

The company was started a few years back inher own house that she could successfully buy with her savings from the salary she got while she was working in the bank. She says that was the best advice her manager gave her back then and she firmly believes a woman should also know how to plan her finances and take an active part in investments and learn how to manage her portfolio. With just a small studio in her bedroom and a voice editing software, she started the company. She learnt to work on the software while she was running the business. She also created a USP by getting a lot of women on sabbatical to work with her on audio and content projects. She was the owner, manager and the editor herself. Soon after a few successful projects because of her quality work and her marketing skills, Gurdip could finally buy an office in a corporate building and hire employees to scale up and work more professionally. Because of her amazing communication skills, approachable nature and putting the customer first always, she made very good contacts in the industry and today G-Corp media does hundreds of voice-overs and content related assignments for big companies and well known brands every month. To know more visit their website ​​.

A startup in a city like Mumbai and in a field that did not have much awareness at that time was indeed very difficult few years back. My family in Punjab still ask me what’s your real job? And I say, I love my job everyday because where else can you go, talk and get paid, Gurdip says while bursting into laughter. She continued, “Jokes apart, people don’t understand that it is a lot of hard work.” Her team has to be available 24/7 for clients every day working on multiple projects across the globe. Every day is a new day in our studio and every client’s audio or content solution has to be customized. It keeps us on the edge and yet there are never any dull moments “yani har din naya din” chuckles Gurdip again. Her husband Puneet Sial is a senior Director with a MNC, is very supportive and an equal parent for their little daughter.

‘If you really want to do something, you will create that 25th hour from your 24 hours to pursue it’ is her favorite quote.  At G-Corp media, she is constantly creating new ideas for the business with an amazing environment for people who train and work with her. Like all successful stories she says as an entrepreneur, you have to believe in yourself, work very hard, innovate, create, inspire, appreciate and most importantly believe in honesty and the power of gratitude.

Every day their studios churn out multiple recordings for Corporate Elearning, Radio /TV /Digital ads, Animation/Film dubbing, Translation and content in foreign languages apart from voice training workshops conducted regularly at their premises. Off late Gurdip and her team are working towards helping the blind get into the voice industry. G-Corp Media is executing kid’s voice overs for a digital show for Horlicks where the voice of the main character Arjun, is done by a born blind boy who is trained by Gurdip herself. It is interesting to see how this boy converts the scripts to braille and under the studio team supervision records his dialogues.

Gurdip wants to make G-Corp media a brand that stands out in the media industry, a brand that speaks for itself. She firmly believes, ‘There is a very thin line between impossible and possible and that’s Willingness.’ And wraps up in a true blue Punjabi style… CHAK DE PHATTE!”

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