4 Industries That Benefit From Professional Translations

4 Industries That Benefit From Professional Translations

Benefit From Professional Translations

Professional translators play an important role in many different fields. Virtually any company or organization, big or small, striving to reach an international audience benefits from coordinating with an experienced firm offering global translation services.

This is especially true now that the internet has made it easy to connect with people throughout the globe. Whether you’re a local contractor adapting your website for readers who speak another language or  boutique law firm beginning the process of an overseas patent filing, you’ll be much more successful in your efforts if all necessary materials have been accurately translated.

Although it might not seem as though local businesses would have much use for translation services, they actually offer substantial benefits to small local companies. According to the United States Census Bureau, at least 350 languages are spoken in homes throughout the country.

The following are just a few major industries in which professional translations are essential:

International Litigation

International litigation would be challenging even without a language barrier: Attorneys must navigate a complex set of cultural, procedural, and regulatory differences. There’s a very good chance that documents acquired in the discovery phase will be in a foreign language. To use them to their maximum advantage, an attorney has to be able to fully understand their content.

Perhaps more importantly, there can’t be any mistakes on documents that an attorney’s office drafts for an international litigation case. A certified language service provider will have the technical expertise to translate the materials just as efficiently as a legal expert, ensuring there’s nothing to fear by handing off the responsibilities. It’s more important for an attorney to devote their full attention to their legal strategy than it is for them to spend time mired in translation difficulties.

Marketing & E-Commerce

Research indicates that as of 2016, 57% of online consumers make purchases from overseas websites. The internet has given marketers the opportunity to reach far more customers than ever before. However, attracting those customers requires localizing their web presence to the different groups they’re targeting. This is especially important for small, eCommerce businesses where every purchase counts.

Simply putting the content through an online translator isn’t sufficient. Aside from the fact that machine translators are rarely accurate, they also fail to capture the nuance of a given language.

An effective marketing strategy involves tailoring your content to the cultural values of your audience, while using multilingual SEO strategies to boost your ranking in foreign searches. If you’re trying to expand your business and grow your international customer base, work with professional translators who can translate not only the words of your content, but also the principles of your marketing strategy. Again, this is a crucial part of succeeding online for a small business, and accessing a new market.

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Global Clinical Trials & Research Publications

Before a new pharmaceutical or medical product can be approved for use, it must go through clinical trials to demonstrate its effectiveness. This process requires completing a substantial amount of paperwork. The language must be precise and accurate in order to honestly convey the results of the trials.

For a global clinical trial, the documents must be translated for each location twice. First they must be translated into the language of the test participants. After they’ve recorded their results, the documents must be translated back into the language of the organization conducting the trials. A professional translator should remain available throughout the process to ensure complete accuracy, as similar to the law field, medicine includes highly technical language that requires a precision only an expert language service provider can offer.

Patent Filing

As with clinical trials, when filing for a patent, your documents need to accurately convey what a product does in order to differentiate it from potentially similar products, while also preventing others from stealing the idea. If such a document was translated poorly when filing for an international patent, it becomes susceptible to competitors and international persecution.

Additionally, patent filing procedures are complex, and vary between countries. To understand the procedural differences in another nation, it’s helpful to work with a skilled translator who can break down the cumbersome legal language and simplify the process. Doing so reduces the amount of time spent applying for a patent, which in turn reduces costs.

Patent filing represents another industry in which even small, local businesses can use translation services to help them grow. If a local business owner holds the patent to a specific product they use, they’ll want international patents in order to sell it overseas without a competitor stealing the idea.

These industries are merely a few examples in which professional translators are required. When hiring one, take your time to conduct thorough research. You need to be certain your translations are in the hands of experienced specialists.

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