The Best 10 Small Business Ideas For 2017

The Best 10 Small Business Ideas For 2017


Starting a small business in nowadays’ saturated market can be a difficult action. Business ideas appear constantly, as more and more entrepreneurs are pursuing their professional dream.

This can make it quite a challenge to open your own small business. The great competition to earn your place on the market has become an important factor in the process of choosing your business idea. As a future business owner, you need to think if it is worth it to enter a particular business field.

Some areas are very crowded and dominated by great business players. While you do not want to compete directly with them, you want your business to be welcomed and accepted by your target audience.

2017 announces to be an exciting business year, and you need to use this opportunity. In order to help you, here 10 small business ideas that can inspire you in 2017.

1. Tech consulting business

If you are passionate about the technology field or people often come to you to solve their computer problems, this business idea is for you.

The tech field is continuously developing, and businesses need to adapt to the changes which appear. This means being up to date with and using the latest programs and services. While this is an important aspect, it is hard for businesses to learn every little aspect about the technology they are using. Companies are primarily focused on doing their work properly.

This is the moment when you and your small business intervene. You can help companies implement and operate their technology. This business idea can become really profitable for you.

2. Copywriting agency

A copywriting agency is a very good idea for a small business. Writing high-quality copy has become an important aspect for companies. Whether it is for advertisements, their websites or blogs, they value this field and can be willing to make partnerships with external agencies.

A copywriting agency involves excellent writing skills, sales knowledge and requires a great level of adaptability.

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3. Home health care services

While many businesses focus on youngsters, there are a few business ideas that have the elderly as a target audience. Home health care services are an example.

This small business idea refers to offering services such as the salon or errand services. Also, you can offer services where care professionals help elders with daily activities: taking them to different locations, going shopping for them, cooking for them, ensuring they take their medication, etc.

4. Social media consulting

Social media may seem easy to use, but you need to take into consideration you are using it for personal reasons. Businesses need it to keep in touch with their customers, to promote their products and services and to create a certain business image. We are speaking here about ads (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube etc.) and content distribution that can help them achieve their business objectives.

If you understand how these social media platforms work, which one can bring better results for particular businesses and can provide advice for companies, this is the small business idea you need to follow.

5. Organic beauty products store

Organic products are a popular category of items. People opt for it because they see it as a great alternative to traditional beauty products and their ingredients give them more trust.

Opening an organic beauty products store (whether it is physical, online or both) is a great small business idea. It also gives you a wide range of possibilities. You can focus only on women or men beauty products, you can have diverse or specific categories of products (for example, just for hair or just for the face and skin).

6. Healthy fast food restaurant

Time is precious, and sometimes it is hard to find a few quiet moments to enjoy a healthy meal. Fast food is not an option, but the healthy fast food definitely is.

When speaking about healthy fast food, think of soups in a cup, sandwiches with fresh vegetables or salads. It does not take much time to prepare them and your customers can take and enjoy them in their quick lunch break.

Offering them a healthy alternative can represent a great start for a successful business.

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7. Translation services

Nowadays, companies seek to make partnerships with other foreign companies, they target customers from various countries and work with people who speak different languages. Multilingualism is a characteristic for the current business industry.

Companies want to work with businesses offering translation services, whether it is for translating their website information, document translation.

In this field, you need to understand more than just the language. Cultural aspects and linguistic traits can make your business stand out.

8. Beauty salon

Beauty salons can a be a profitable small business idea. Customers are paying attention to the latest beauty trends and are willing to try them.

Opening a beauty salon (for men, women or both) can be a great move if you are into fashion and beauty. They key is to always be up to date with the latest trends in order to surprise and satisfy your customers’ needs.

9. Cleaning services

Working in a clean environment is something people value very much. Business offices, schools, houses, event rooms will always need a good cleaning.

A cleaning service business is a simple, yet efficient idea.

10. Events decorator services

This is a business for creative people, as it allows you to let your imagination free and think of the best decorations for different events. It also involves the need of excellent communication skills. You will have to explain your customers why you are the perfect decorator for their event and to what decorations they need and why.

These 10 small business ideas are a great starting point and can help you understand what kind of business you want to open in 2017.

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