Top 20 Best Startups and Entrepreneurial Blogs

Top 20 Best Startups and Entrepreneurial Blogs

Best Startups and Entrepreneurial Blogs

Best Startups and Entrepreneurial Blogs

Ever since the advent of the internet, the world has seen a revolution on proportions never before witnessed. Virtually anything can be done online nowadays. By bringing the entire world into a single platform, the internet has made information the most common commodity. Social media, emailing, blogging and many other means now exist within the framework of the internet by which the individual person has the ability to share huge amounts of data unprecedented in history. One sector that has tremendously benefitted from this information revolution is the startup scene.

In this day when businesses are springing up all over the place, and their success stories being told worldwide, it is no wonder that others are aspiring to found startups. Business startup is not a bed of roses and many entrepreneurs need ideas, tips and guide on how to get mentorship, apply for accelerator programs and access seed funding for their startups. Startup blogs generally fulfil this need by providing very startup-focused resources from the most authoritative voices in the industry. There are thousands of startup blogs on the web space covering every niche, facet and geographical location on the planet. Here is a list of some of the best startup blogs high powered startup analysts, opinion leaders and founders that you can use to stay ahead of the curve as you strive to get your business idea or concept off the runway:-

1. Aaron Ginn’s Thoughts

In this blog, Aaron Ginn doles out his insights and thoughts on marketing based on the study of persons an thought hacking. His writing style is concise, providing easy to use data with directness.

2. Andrew Chen Blog

Andrew Chen is an entrepreneur and online marketer. In his blog, which makes it to this list, he shares essays he writes on marketing, business startups and growth in user numbers.

3. James Altucher Blog

James Blutcher has lived the free kind of life. In his blog, he shares the lessons he has learnt from his many mistakes, and how he has overcome them. And since he has made, lost, and made millions again, his blog is backed by a true story.

4. Lars Lofgren Blog

This blog presents Lars Lofgren’s thoughts on analytics, copywriting, marketing solutions and social innovations. These he packs in such a way as to be relevant to founders of business startups so as to help them in finding ways of improving their skills in marketing and product management.

5. Alex Payne Blog

He is a venture capitalist, and in his blog, he shares his writing, which exposes his ability to view things from multiple perspectives. He writes to make people think about many things, including past decisions, life, technology etc. all with a business mindset.

6. Both Sides of the Table

In this blog, stories are relayed of startups that have pulled through, and an analysis of the odds of other startups making it. The writing style is simple and engaging.

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7. AllBusiness

AllBusiness is one of the largest sources for small- and medium-scale companies. It prides itself on having a group of experts who write about their expertise, with topics ranging from sales, tech and marketing, finance, HR, and other business concerns for the entrepreneur.

8. Startup Blog

In a creative and direct way, Steve Sammartino, the blogger shares his thoughts on marketing and entrepreneurship based on the trends of advertisements worldwide.

9. Under The Radar

It follows early stage startups in Silicon Valley, drawing data from the Under The Radar Conference, which serves to track the new developments in Silicon Valley. Any startup out for lessons will gain a lot from this blog.

10. Quick Sprout

In his blog, Neil Patel drops his nuggets, similar to the ones which have helped startups become major global companies. The archives are enormous, providing a valuable chest of treasures for just about any startup.

11. Seth Levine’s Blog

Here, Seth Levine writes about investing and working in startups, providing tactical tips and insights on the trends of entrepreneurship and startups.

12. On Startups

The blogger here goes to the basic, advising on the dynamics of starting and running startups, and making them grow. Dharmesh Shah is also the founder of HubSpot and draws a lot on his own experiences to provide others with advice.

13. Ask Y Combinator

This is not a collective blog, bringing together a community of interested parties to discuss startups. It provides everyone with a platform to ask questions, answer them, and share their own ideas on subjects like jobs, coding… and startups, of course.

14. Startup Advice and Strategy (Quora)

This is a discussion blog, for asking and answering questions on startups, share articles and read them with people with similar interests.

15. Christina Cacioppo Blog

In her blog, Christina Cacioppo intelligently articulates her ideas on technology and entrepreneurship and provides her readers with a very dynamic comment section for discussing her ideas and others.

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16. My Startup Has 30 Days to Live

In an intriguing way, this blog brings the unwanted side of startup stories, that of a startup doomed to fail within 30 days. The anonymous startup founder elicits some thoughts from his readers.

17. Paul Graham Blog

Paul Graham shares his stories from his own experiences. And there are many of those. He co-created Y Combinator and helped create the first SaaS (software as a service) company.

18. Sam Altman Blog

He is the CEO of Loopt and one of Paul Graham’s partners at Y Combinator. From his immense experience, he draws valuable ideas on startup dynamics.

19. Referral SaaSquatch Blog

It is a company blog and provides insights mostly on growth hacking. It also shares on marketing and user acquisition, and many other things relevant to startup growth.

20. Startup Quote

In this blog, startup founders are fed on a diet of quotes from important founders, thinkers, scholars and innovators, who have seen it in the startup world. Closely integrated with photos, this blog is quite interactive.

So, there they are, the 20 Best Startup blogs. This list is by no means conclusive, nor is it arranged in any particular order. But these blogs pack a useful combination of information, advice and experience which the startup founder or worker is bound to find indispensable, and which will change the way they do what they do.

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