Did You Know This Brand That Offers The Best Quality HORECA Products?...

Did You Know This Brand That Offers The Best Quality HORECA Products? Sun Impex


There are many hotels, restaurants, and catering business owners that continuously look for the best HORECA food suppliers for their business. While there are some suppliers that charge a hefty amount for their offerings, there are others who provide HORECA food products at a low price but low quality. However, this is not the case with Sun Impex – one of the leading providers of quality HORECA grocery. It offers the top-grade quality of HORECA products at a competitive price to its clientele.

Sun Impex: Delighting its Customers with HORECA food Products at Competitive Price

Sun Impex is one of the leading HORECA exporters who provides top-grade HORECA products in Dubai. It has positioned itself as one of the most trusted platforms not just in the field of HORECA but also in the agro-products domain.  It works on the solid foundation of understanding and gratifying the customers’ needs, supported by a team led by highly qualified, efficient and experienced people.

As one of the trusted HORECA food suppliers, Sun Impex has gained an excellent reputation with an efficient chain of production, processing, and distribution of agro products. Its uniqueness is defined by offering clients good quality, competitive rates, personalized services and on time delivery. Sun Impex also has many certifications to its name, viz. ISO 22000:2005, LMS Assessments, and BSCIC Certification. All these accreditations further manifold the trustworthiness and credibility of this brand.

HORECA Grocery Items From Sun Impex

Being one of the biggest exporters of HORECA food products in Dubai, Sun Impex stocks and offers a wide range of HORECA products. All its products are categorized into various categories. These categories are as follows:

Ambient Products: Sun Impex has a broad variety of Ambient products such as Antipasti, Sauces, Pickle, Appetizers, Species, Flavoured condiments, Oils, etc. These high-quality products are procured from different parts of Europe to add to the HORECA platter.

Seafood: Avail supreme quality whole Fish, Shellfish, and Caviar for your Hotel, Restaurants and/or Catering business. Seafood has always been a very special category for HORECA industry. Under its HORECA food products bucket, Sun Impex brings you quality Seafood to delight your customers and pamper their taste buds.

Meat: High-quality Lamb, Mutton, and Beef procured from South Africa and Australia under one roof i.e. Sun Impex. The quality of the products is ensured by rearing the animals in a natural and hygienic environment and by feeding them high-quality fodder.

Poultry & Game Items: As one of the premium quality HORECA food suppliers, Sun Impex offers premium quality Poultry and Game items. It is very careful about the quality of meat it provides, rearing condition of the birds, nutrient content of the food provided to them and hygienic condition of the slaughterhouse.

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Dairy HORECA Products: Milk products have always been an important part of the HORECA industry without which most of the preparations are incomplete. Sun Impex understands the fact well and thus, offers dairy products such as Cheese, Paneer, and Khoya for your Hotel, Restaurants, and catering businesses.

Sun Impex: The Symbol of Trust in HORECA Industry of Dubai

Sun Impex, one of the top-most and reliable names in the HORECA industry of Dubai, offers top quality HORECA food products. As one of the renowned and certified HORECA food suppliers, it procures the products from reliable as well as trusted sources. These products are meticulously and hygienically packed before exporting to the various HORECA players in Dubai.

To delight your customers with premium quality HORECA food products, book your order with Sun Impex now!

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