Humble Beginnings to a Great Innings: Business Life of Siddharth Mahajan in...

Humble Beginnings to a Great Innings: Business Life of Siddharth Mahajan in London


With a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management and a 3 year International Diploma in Hospitality Siddharth Mahajan arrived in London with a dream to create a momentous career. His first job in the city was at Thistle Marble Arch Hotel as a Guest Relations Manager which lasted for 3.5 years and earned him supreme appreciation from customers owing to his outstanding hospitality services. During his stint here, he worked with Peter Beckwith, General Manager at the Hotel from whom Siddharth draws great inspiration. 

Another inspiring personality he worked with was Christian Graf, General Manager at a privately owned hotel called International Hotel, Canary Wharf, London, where Siddharth worked subsequently. It was while at International Hotel that the idea of establishing his own company – Tulip Hotels and Real Estate Ltd. – struck him. Tulip Hotels and Real Estate Ltd. offered service apartments that were fully equipped and didn’t require guests to undergo the hassle of plunging into paperwork for electricity, gas, TV license, water and internet connections.  The concept budded from a consistent requirement of homestays for students and professionals who found living in hotels for longer periods expensive. 

Covering the prime business districts in London, Siddharth Mahajan started the business with an initial inventory of 9 apartments comprising of 30 services rooms on various leases. During the busy Olympic 2012 period, Tulip Hotels had reached a turning point.

Siddharth Mahajan’s business idea witnessed immense success and Tulip Hotels grew by leaps and bounds. By May 2013, the company had acquired 23 additional apartments on lease and thus started expanding the team to maintain the quality of its services. With a continued increase in demand, the company began acquiring 4-5 bedroom HMOs (House of Multiple Occupancy) on lease and let them out for short durations. Mahajan ensured these homes were refurbished to meet high specifications and the needs of working professionals in the area. The value-added services and bespoke product resulted in generation of high rental yield. These aspects were also the highlight in every customer review and customer satisfaction survey.

Today Tulip Hotels Real Estate Ltd. manages 110 HMO licensed premises on behalf of the following:

  1. a)     60 private landlords;
  2. b)     5 personal properties owned by Siddharth
  3. c)     45 Tulip owned properties; 9 more properties are in the pipeline and will see the light of the day in due course.

With a long-standing experience of 15 years in the Hotel Industry, Siddharth developed deep knowledge and skills pertaining to hospitality services and that reflected in his emancipated growth in the segment. In the coming months, Mahajan also plans to launch Orchid Apartments Ltd. – an apartment hotel which will be serviced apartment complex that will use a hotel-style booking system. The company aspires to acquire 40 more properties comprising of 250 serviced rooms in total in North East London. Currently, there are over 600 serviced rooms and 7 Live New Build Projects. 

Mahajan forayed into the New Build segment and is presently in the process of creating :

  • 10 uniquely designed Art Décor Seafront apartments situated in a prime location along the renowned Holland on Sea Seafront.
  • 6 Three Bed Houses at Forest Gate, London
  • 2 Three Bedroom Semi Detached House in Barkingside, Greater London
  • 15 Flats at South Ockendon, Greater London
  • 5 Five room Detached Houses with Private Garages at Tendering

From the onset, the professional journey of Siddharth Mahajan in London appeared coherent; his penchant and inclination towards the hospitality industry were perceptible in his operations. The roles he served in the initial phase of his career as a guest relations executive, front house assistant, supervisor or manager – every job led him to realizing the dream he lives today. Furthermore, his vision, business strategies, skills and knowledge were in absolute coalition making his business strategies and plans a sure shot success.


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