Business-Useful Free Online Tool for a Wide Variety of Occupations

Business-Useful Free Online Tool for a Wide Variety of Occupations


In the modern business environment, it is quintessential that the flow of information is free and uninterrupted so that everything could be done in the fastest possible timeframe. Undoubtedly, in the last decade or so, digital communication has reached a pinnacle few deemed imaginable, but some issues still trouble people on a daily basis.

The free tool we will introduce today can be of great service for a colossal amount of different professions, but to fully understand the need of it, we should take a step back and individually elaborate on the two file formats that are in its core, Microsoft’s Excel and the Portable Document Format (the PDF).

Regarding MS Excel

Recent studies suggest that Excel is by far the most used software in the global business scene, and it definitely owes its popularity to its astonishingly versatile nature (a mix of a highly editable structure of rows and columns, combined with a set of complex mathematical formulas), which can be exploited by so many occupation, ranging from bankers, marketers, accountants, bookkeepers, analysts, managers, educators, students and many many more. This leads us to the other part of the article, which covers the problematics that can occur when a user desires to send an Excel spreadsheet to a collaborator on another computer, or another device.

The Uniqueness of the PDF

For instance, if someone was to send an Excel file to a colleague, the difference between operating systems of the two computers in question can lead to some serious issues regarding the viewability of the file itself. This is because every operating system has its own unique way of reading the formatting of the file, and in case you want to view a file that was created on a Windows computer on a device that has a Macintosh O.S. installed, this difference will lead to some bugs in the file, and most likely render the document completely unviewable.

On the other hand, the PDF is an exception to this rule and can be viewed perfectly on every O.S. and device, because of its universally readable formatting.

For this reason, Excel files should always be converted to PDF prior to sending, thus ensuring that the file will reach the recipient properly. The only issue regarding the PDF is that once it’s created, it cannot be edited in a traditional fashion. This read-only file now requires a converter tool which can extract all the data trapped inside of it, and return the document to its previous state, in this particular case an Excel file.

This is where PDF to Excel comes into place. This handy converter tool can transform your locked PDF file back to Excel in a minutes time, and without any charge whatsoever.


The first thing needed to be done is to select the desired file, which can be achieved either from your hard-drive, or from Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. The conversion will auto-start as soon as the file is chosen, with the overall progress shown like in the picture below.


Once the transformation is complete, an orange “Free Download” button will present itself, and the only thing left to do is to save the file on your computer/device, and get to the editing right away. A neat feature of this tool is that there is no login page, and absolutely no personal information is required, which really speeds up the entire process.


Hopefully we’ve shed some light on this intricate and perplexing subject, so make sure to try this handy online helper when the situation calls for it, and get your Excel document back from the heavy grip of the PDF!

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