Cedarwood Learning Centre – A Bridge Between Home & School

Cedarwood Learning Centre – A Bridge Between Home & School


Learning is a lifelong process; Cedarwood Afterschool Program is the place to teach your kids how to learn at every stage in their lives…Especially suited for children with working parents, the center offers various courses across the city including Viman Nagar, Kharadi, Magarpatta, Wanowarie and NIBM. A unique network of After-school Programs, Cedarwood is focused on holistic child development through specialized academic and extra-curricular activities for kids between 4 to 14 years of age…

If you’re looking at developing your little one’s understanding of key academic concepts while also focusing on critical life skills, Cedarwood After-school Program would be the ideal choice! The content here is specially designed to deliver concepts in an extremely engaging and inspiring way by highly experienced teachers. The modules are designed to improve and enhance the verbal and written skills relevant to overall communication. Activities are geared towards enhancing creativity and various other life skills in a stimulating environment.

A full-time as well as part-time enrollment option is available. As part of the full-time program, children come to the center straight after school and leave for home at 7.00 pm. The programs at Cedarwood help develop “21st Century Skills” like effective communication, self-confidence, leadership, teamwork and intellectual curiosity which are imperative for the overall personality development of a child. Sessions are conducted through offline and online channels. The online course can be taken up by students to save time and get access to the best teachers across India in specific subjects.

A center that perfectly merges intellect with curiosity makes for the ideal place for your precious ones…Here are the contact details.

Address: Row House No. 6, Kalpana Villa, Near Datta Mandir Chowk, Viman Nagar

Contact: +91 9579999100 / +91 9890432369 / +91 9881031356

Email: info@cedarwood.co.in

Website: www.cedarwood.co.in


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