Cheap Options for Promoting Your Business Start-Up

Cheap Options for Promoting Your Business Start-Up


If you have just started your new business it is likely that one of the first things you are going to do is try and get your business across to as many consumers as possible via promotion. However, the majority of promotion tools can be quite expensive, which means that you will have to spend a lot of money. For a start-up, it is important that the profit margins are kept as high as possible. Moreover, you need to make sure that you can find the cheapest promotion tools available.

The following options will inform you what these are and how to use them.

Business Directories
Business directories are a fantastically cheap and convenient way to promote your business. You can find literally thousands of business directories online which are designed to let you post your business details. There are two main types of business directories. The first one is location-based directories. With this type of directory, customers go on to the website and can find businesses in their desired area. The other type of directory is one that is specific to a certain business industry. For instance, there can be one that is just for wedding cake suppliers. This will then allow the customer to filter through and see which one is best for them. The vast majority of directories are also available for free – which is a great bonus!

Promotional Products
You can also use a variety of cheap physical promotional products to promote your business too. With these types of products though it can be a good idea to think a bit outside the box in terms of what products you use. You find hundreds of businesses handing out flyers to people in the street – so why not go for something different so your business stands out? When a person receives a flyer they will probably take 1 look at it and throw it away, but if you give them some goodie bags or lanyards they are likely to make more use of these types of products and this will make them more memorable.

Social Media
Last but by no means least, one of the best low-cost ways to promote your small business is through social media. The reason for this is that the best social networking sites have a reach of millions of people and it costs nothing to sign up and use them. Many think that social media is too much work and can be a distraction from actually running their business, but they fail to consider that social media can be the tool to take their business to the next level. Going back to the wedding cake example – or if you are any other type of business that designs anything – you can utilize YouTube as a way to post some behind the scenes compilation clip videos of you designing the product, which is something that has become hugely popular on social media.

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