The Cofounder launched India’s first startup magazine

The Cofounder launched India’s first startup magazine


“The Cofounder” is one of its first kind of magazine which writes exclusively about the News and Stories of an early stage startup and entrepreneurs journey. The main motto behind “The Cofounder” is to inspire the entrepreneurs and wannabe-preneurs with the stories and achievements of startups who have successfully converted their ideas into a profitable business.

Learn the insider tips from successful entrepreneurs on the challenges they faced in their journey, learnings, and outcomes, how they raised investment, how they are profitable while bootstrapping and much more. Have you ever wondered why the startup which raised billion-dollar investment have shut down their operations? We got it covered too, a complete analysis on failed startups.

It doesn’t end here; we have much more like a monthly report on investments raised by Indian startups, job openings in hottest Indian startups, and much more. The first edition of “The Cofounder” was launched on 10th October 2016.

The inception of “The Cofounder” is the most unrealistic yet interesting story you will ever read. It’s the tale of two founders who has never met each other, raised a seed funding to launch India’s first startup magazine. Adhish was writing articles on early startups in an online blog named HireStreet. When he was looking for a co-founder who can take care of his blog, he found Arunraj R from Facebook who was writing a similar kind off the blog. They both collaborated and started writing in HireStreet, and they started getting pretty good traction. And after few months, when they wanted to take next big step, and they came up with an idea of launching a hardcopy magazine which writes exclusively about early stage startups in India. The idea was pitched to investors, and they were fortunate enough to find an investor who believed in the vision of The Cofounder.

The most interesting part was that the founders meet each other for the first time only during the time of signing the terms sheet with the investor.

India is 4th largest startups base across the globe with over 3,000 + startups established in the last 7 Years, and it is expected to reach 10,000 startups by 2020. In every year at least 600 to 800 startups are started, and as of 2015 there are about 70+ Venture Catalysts and 600+ Angel Investors who are active in Indian startup ecosystem. In India, magazine market is expected to have revenue of around $1.1 billion, with over 49,000 publications. Startups being the buzz in the country with the campaigns like Startup India, Digital India, Make in India, etc. from the government. The Cofounder is playing in the niche with the huge potential market.

Founders Background

Adhish Verma – CEO and Founder

Adhish Verma is the Founder and CEO at “The Cofounder.” He has worked with a broad range of clients including Twitter, Adobe, Zazzle, Chronicle Books and Sidereel; to name a few. Over the past decade or so, Adhish has helped both well-established and start-up companies take their ideas from sticky notes and whiteboards to a fully developed robust human workforce that serve large specialized communities. His expertise ranges from Tech Hiring to CXO level Blogging. Adhish is an active member of the web community and can often to be found at local meetups and conferences in and around Delhi NCR. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration MBA.

Arunraj Rajendran – Cofounder and Content Head

Arunraj R is the co-founder at “The Cofounder.” He is managing the content team and stories published in the magazine, and he is also responsible for Social Media Marketing. Arun has played various roles in industries such as Business Analyst, Product Analyst, Digital Marketing, Growth Hacker, etc. and have co-founded two startups before associating with “The Cofounder.” His passions include Cricket, Blogging, Travel, and Photography. He has completed PGDM specialized in Marketing, Systems & Operations.

You can visit the official website of The Cofounder here or You can purchase the magazine from Amazon store

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