Creative ideas for event promotion to increase attendance

Creative ideas for event promotion to increase attendance


A sold-out event is not only the goal but often also a significant stress factor for event organizers. If you’ve already tried every proven promotion technique, it’s time for a new approach. Here are some creative ideas for event promotion to help you grow your ticket sales explosively.

1. Take advantage of discovery sites for events

Research by event listing websites shows that more than half of event visitors in cities consult guides looking for activities. You can reach them by promoting your events in the countless online guides and apps available today.

Discovery sites such as Bandsintown, Spotify, and Facebook events attract people who have a certain type of events in mind. (Tip: Sell event tickets online is much easier with a ticketing platform such as All events that works with the best discovery sites.)

2. Make integrated payment possible

Once your event is on discovery sites, make it easy for people to buy tickets without leaving the page. Ensure a streamlined customer experience by giving visitors the option to purchase tickets wherever they are .

Moreover, this reduces the risk that ticket buyers will be distracted or dropped out during the checkout process because of the site loads slowly.

Events that make tickets directly available on Facebook even generate twice as many tickets sold and free registrations on average than when visitors are redirected to a ticket page.

3. Focus your marketing efforts on the expertise

When it comes to your content (website texts, blog articles and messages on social media) it is easy to take the path of least resistance and opt for search engine optimization (SEO). But stuffing your texts with keywords is not effective in the long term, neither for SEO nor for the presence at your events.

Instead, create thoughtful content that profiles your event brand as a thought leader, as a place where people can go for solid information. The more trust people have in your brand, the higher the chance that they will share your event and buy tickets.

4. Create infographics

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your content is shared online? Visually attractive infographics that combine information with entertainment.

The more people who share your content, the more potential visitors will discover your event. And that’s good news since 10-20% of ticket sales are mostly from social media.

5. Start a YouTube channel

Speaking of searching and discovering, did you know that YouTube (after Google, of which YouTube is a subsidiary) is the second-largest search engine in the world?

Via YouTube Live, you can take advantage of the current craze for live video by broadcasting to your audience in real-time. But what can you film? There are so many creative video ideas for event promotion: a taste of your event, an introduction to speakers and sponsors, insight into the benefits for participants or practical tips on how to get the most out of the event.

6. Choose podcasts

Another creative idea for event promotion that people don’t always think about is broadcasting a podcast. No reliable figures are yet known for the Netherlands and Belgium, but in the US there are no fewer than 67 million podcast listeners every month. Start your own podcast with a theme that is relevant to your event. Or, if you want to put a little less effort into it, you can also become a sponsor or guest speaker for an existing podcast with a similar target audience.

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