Discover India’s online curated store –

Discover India’s online curated store –


Don’t you feel overwhelmed by the ‘Tyranny of Choice’ where big marketplaces with millions of mass produced items tempt you through unrealistic discounts & raining cashback? Immune to donning the same mass produced clothes? Tired of wreaking havoc on your skin by using expensive brands which at the end of the day are nothing but chemical solutions? Bored of consuming the same packaged/tinned food or drinking the same harmful chemicals laced beverages?

It’s time to be Neo and move away from this debilitating Matrix. Discover who you are and how you should live. Listen to your calling and consume & experience products that appeal to your inner connoisseur, are sustainable in nature and have individuality and personality. Yes, there is a proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow & that pot is a carefully curated store of beautiful products called Qtrove.

Qtrove aims to be a curated marketplace that exhibits & sells non-mass produced items from small entrepreneurs across the country. These products are unique and different in nature and are not easily available across the online spectrum. We felt there is a need for a marketplace for curated products- which are sustainable, are non-mass produced and have what we call as the ‘Q Factor.’ Such products which customers would love to own them and we don’t have to entice them by unsustainable discounts. These products would be sustainable in nature and would enhance the well-being and increase the social currency of the end consumer.

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Qtrove seeks to empower local entrepreneurs who are producing exotic/unique products in their vicinity and give them a widespread national platform. To ensure we only provide the best to our customers, we have formulated a Lead Research Guideline doc. Which contains several parameters and Guidelines, and we rate each vendor on those parameters. Only when they cross a threshold, they are selected for Inside Sales team to call. Each parameter is based on how exclusive or unique the vendor and its products are. Sales team then calls these vendors and we first try their samples internally to ensure their ingredients match our stringent guidelines around sustainability and overall health. Since we are category agnostic, each category has its own guideline doc. Vendors can also be rejected if we don’t like the products or aren’t sustainable or aren’t customer friendly. Selected vendors and their products are then photos shoot to give it a unique look unlike other marketplaces (where white background photos are standard). This gives warmth and a personal feeling to the website while browsing.

By Vinamra Pandiya, CEO & Founder,

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