ebzaar: Mumbai based hyper local Shopping Startup

ebzaar: Mumbai based hyper local Shopping Startup


eBZaar.com makes your local shopping easy & rewarding. Period. We (aim to) bring your entire neighborhood on your smartphone, at the touch of your screen.

We believe customers love real-world stores, especially for their local household shopping requirements. Further, we have heard stories of customers facing inconvenience in the way they shop locally, be it for parking issues, standing in long queues at check-out counters, timings-related issues (a local shop is open only 10-12 hours after all) to even bending all the way down where often the absolute essentials (that you really care for) are hidden away, perhaps because the store earns lower margins on them.

Even then, nothing beats the comfort of knowing that the items bought are from “your store,” of the “quality you’ve always known and trusted,” at the “price you have always afforded.” Even the more evolved customers who have moved their regular shopping to online sellers, they miss (shopping from) “their” stores. The fact is they have embraced digital/mobile way of life at a much faster pace, compared to their stores.

Our website is live, and we are operational with grocery as the first segment. We are launching an App soon. Today, you can buy grocery online in some neighborhoods such as Andheri, Borivali, and Dadar in Mumbai. Also, people living in Surat can also buy grocery online from their favorite local grocer on eBZaar.com

Why does a customer choose to shop grocery online at eBZaar?

eBZaar ensures that your well known and trusted stores are on-boarded onto its platform. Thus you get the same quality of groceries from your very own store at in-store prices, sitting in the comforts of your home or office, anytime anywhere. It is like now your own grocery store is now online and available 24X7 for you to shop from.

What’s more? With an order value of as low as Rs. 250, you get your big grocery basket delivered to your doorstep, and there is no shipping fee. No more standing in the queue or looking for car parking, isn’t that great? You get to chose from various payment options including cash on delivery, online payment options to meal vouchers like Ticket & Sodexo. Add to it, and you can browse through all the discounted products at the click of a button.

Why should local supermarkets or stores choose to sell on eBZaar?

The local supermarket has stayed relevant in service to consumers, even with the advent of organized retail giants like Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, D Mart, etc. However, with well-funded players like Grofers, Big Basket, Flipkart, and Amazon bringing in a tech evolution, the threat that they would lose business is real! What eBZaar does is to add a layer of technology to the business of these stores and channelize their long-built trust and goodwill to the online customer. They can confidently tell their customers that they are now on mobile too. Besides, eBZaar is building online tools to help them sell more and sell better.

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Many merchants think that starting a business in the online should be very complicated. Not so at all. Let me also take the opportunity to allay that fear. In fact, with eBZaar, selling is very easy as we take care of the technology and marketing part completely; provide them with handholding to make their store live and ready to sell online. And there is zero fixed cost or listing cost.

What are the current/potential challenges for eBZaar?

As a relatively new platform, creating awareness amongst customers about the efficacy of eBZaar and giving them assurance about the service is difficult. Many customers are skeptical to start with when they see their own stores online, OR so many of stores in different areas can be online together. To an extent, we also face difficulty in convincing certain stores to embrace technology and connect with the customers in the online world.

We are also looking at raising venture capital to help us scale our business – to more areas and cities, and also in terms of the product range made available. Attracting the right kind of talent across functions remains another key challenge, especially in marketing and technology space.

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