Excellent Medical Degree from Abroad

Excellent Medical Degree from Abroad


Need to study Abroad

The medical profession is one career field with highest demand in India. It is very lucrative and has great social prestige. Lakhs of students aspire to become doctors. However, the number of seats available in good government colleges/universities is very limited. Many private colleges offer poor education and charge exorbitantly.

Is there a good option if you cannot afford such high expenses? Yes, taking up MBBS in abroad for Indian students is a very attractive option.

Such students must take into a few key aspects before deciding to study abroad.

General Eligibility:

They should be over 17 years and must have completed the XII grade exams of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or equivalent.

The Course Duration:

The duration of the MBBS course can vary from 5 to 7 years. For example, it is 6 years in the Philippines. However, in countries like the USA and UK, the period is much longer.

Fees and expenses:

The tuition fees and various other expenses is a key factor for candidates. The overall expenses in countries like the Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, China are less than what you spend in private Indian institutions. The quality is generally better too. Thus it becomes a good option for most of the applicants.

Selection of a Recognized University:

MBBS in abroad for Indian students aspirants must first make sure that the medical school they chose is affiliated to an internationally recognized university and approved by bodies like World Health Organization (WHO) and Medical Council of India (MCI). If not, such doctors cannot work in India.

Quality of Education:

Another vital aspect to check is that the university chosen offers quality education. We find that many universities abroad rank on par or higher than leading government colleges in India and better than many private colleges. The one-year internship program is also quite intense.

Other Living Conditions:

Weather and climate conditions may be different for the students from India. But the hostels may be air-conditioned or internally heated in very cold places to make it comfortable for the new entrants. The food and accommodation are generally of international standard. But some degree of adaptation may be required.

Safety and Security:

Another vital factor to be considered is the safety and security of students. On this score, countries like Philippines, Russia, and China and are quite safe and they do not face any discrimination either.

After MBBS Abroad:

Students who complete MBBS in a foreign country have various options like returning to India or continuing with post-graduate courses abroad or even finding a job abroad.


Taking up MBBS studies is a very practical and cost-effective option for Indian students who fail to get a merit seat in India and do not wish to spend huge amounts in private institutions in India. The trend is bound to become more popular in future.

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