Google’s Allo Is Out: Would it outsmart WhatsApp and iMessage?

Google’s Allo Is Out: Would it outsmart WhatsApp and iMessage?


Recently, Google has launched an advanced messaging app named Allo that might give tough competition to WhatsApp, iMessage, and Facebook Messenger. This newly-launched app is available for both Android and iOS users. Allo comes with a @google (in-app assistant) that helps you search the Internet, find restaurant suggestions, and play videos. You are not asked to have a Google account to run Allo; it is easy to sign up with a mobile number.

Allo only demands your mobile number to get started. As you download this app from Google’s play store or iOS store, it will ask you to enter your mobile number. After entering the number and choosing a country. You will get a verification code through SMS. Now, you can setup a profile picture by browsing from your phone or take a new selfie. Remember, you can’t use the same mobile number to use the Allo on two difference phones just like WhatsApp.

Moreover, it is easy to send pictures, videos, voice messages, and the custom-designed stickers. Allo provides you with three different chat options:

  1. Normal messaging
  2. A direct conversation while using virtual assistant
  3. Incognito chat which is end-to-end encrypted.

When you get an incognito message, the notification won’t reveal who is it from or disclose any of the contents.

The @google Assistant

Google’s virtual assistant provides up-to-the-minute information while pulling information from the internet. It is very easy to ask @google private questions like “What is the latest news?” and “What is the weather in New York?” Or, you can take help from the Assistant within texts to your friends. For instance, you can type “@google what restaurant is nearby to my place?” or “@google what is the latest video of Selene Gomez?”

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Automatic Responses

Allo also suggests automatic replies in order to save your time. You can only find such kind of feature in this newly-launched mobile app. Smart Reply will improve your chatting experience and style of conversation.

Image recognition

Allo comes with the Google’s image recognition software that provides Smart Reply. Means, it can recognize the difference between a baby and Cat while recommending responses.

Image illustration and different sized messages

Allo offers some of the amazing features such as send smaller and larger and versions of texts and custom stickers.

Wrap Up

Allo is Google’s first as a messaging mobile application, but it is introduced to social as well as office workers that manage to use Hangouts that runs via Google accounts. The exciting feature of the Allo is its advanced assistant that can pull information into messaging instantly. Other popular platforms such as Whatsapp, iMessage, and Facebook Messenger are useful but not as easy as Allo’s @google. However, it would be exciting to see that Allo would outsmart WhatsApp and iMessage or not?

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