Grow your business with Shoppingkart24’s innovative features

Grow your business with Shoppingkart24’s innovative features


We have ushered into the era of 2017 and the internet has revolutionised the way we shop these days. Most of the customers prefer to shop online for western and Indian brands over the conventional method of going into the stores. However, small vendors and local shop owners still lack the knowledge and resources to sell their products online despite having the best of the products. Shoppingkart24, a unique platform has turned out to be a blessing for all these small vendors which not only promotes Brand ‘INDIA’ but also showcases unique and quality products from unnoticed brands or small-scale vendors.

With the advent of technology and internet, mobile applications have suddenly become a major part of the e-business industry. A simple mobile app can do away with a lot of hassles and make the business grow by leaps and bounds.

For all the small-scale vendors, who want to achieve their dream and earn huge profits, Shoppingkart24, in addition to their portal, has launched a first of its kind Mobile Application in Indian e-commerce market with a difference. They have a special user-friendly voice search feature wherein customers can install the app on their mobile, once started, they will find a mic icon in search bar, they just have to press and speak the product they wish to search (for e.g. shoes, shirt etc.), then from a list of products, customers can select and purchase the one you they need to buy. The Hindi language will be soon available. This will surely help all the vendors to easily meet their targeted customers and officially interact and attract them, which will, in turn, grow the business.

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With the agenda of expanding their business and reaching out to more local vendors, the Shoppingkart24 team met with Shri Suresh Prabhu (Minister of Commerce) and Shri Rajiv Aggarwal (Joint Secretary DIPP) and had a discussion about various aspects related to the business.

Shoppingkart24 has undertaken a unique task of showcasing specialities of different vendors from the different state by offering a whole section full of versatile products online to help small-scale vendors grow and reach out to more customers.But there are still some local vendors or artisans who are not tech savvy. However, Shoppingkart24 has decided to overcome this hurdle also by working on 3E’s Educate, Empower and Enrich. Their team of professionals will be educating the vendors to bring their business online and guide them for boosting their sales. Also, Shoppingkart24 is planning to launch the warehouse model for the vendors who can’t deal with drop shipment model or the one who are not able to process the orders on their own.

With the recognition of Startup by the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce (DIPP) under Startup India Scheme (Certificate number – DIPP9664), the Shoppingkart24 has added one more feather to its cap.

With Mobile applications gaining popularity, all the day to day struggle of the vendors with running the business successfully and making the customer happy will soon perish.

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