How to stop chromium from opening on startup?

How to stop chromium from opening on startup?

stop chromium from opening on startup

We have got lots of queries by user onhow do I stop chromium from opening on startup So, we decided to write short and effective tutorial on how to disable chromium startup related issue. So here we go:-

The more software you use on your computer, the more you’ll have to wait for the windows to start. Many applications add themselves to the list of active programs when you start your computer, and this can be annoying. So today I’m going to share useful tips on how to disable Google’s Chromium browser from loading up every time when you start your Windows?

Follow the below mentioned steps to stop chromium from opening on startup:-

Method:- Via msconfig.exe

  • Go to the Start menu (1)


  • Type msconfig.exe in the “Search programs and files” box (2)
  • Right-click (3) the msconfig icon once it appears under program menu
  • click on Run as Administrator (4)

In fractions of second, msconfig (System Configuration) window will appears

  • Now, Select Startup (5) -> From the “start item” list search the browser name “chromium” Untick the check-boxe so that it will not start again when you restarts your system
  • After that click on Apply
  • and then click on OK and You are done.

Once after making the changes in msconfig.exe which is a system utility that helps in troubleshooting the Microsoft Windows startup processes need to Restart your computer to make sure the changes take place.

So by Above tutorial we believe you are able to come over “stop chromium opening on startup”. Comment below and let us know in case if you are facing any issue related to chromium startup in windows 10 or any other windows.



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