42 Ideas for Small Business with Low Investments

42 Ideas for Small Business with Low Investments

Ideas for small business
Ideas for small business

Having a good idea is not necessarily the same as having a good business plan. Starting a business will often be accompanied by trial and error. To begin with, you could write down what you want to do with your business and which goals you want to achieve. Then you can come up with ways you want to realize your goals and how much money goes with it. Below we have compiled a list of 42 Ideas for small business that can help you if you have plans to start your own business with low investment.

Become a freelance writer

If you like it, and are a little bit skilled, conjuring with words, it is often not difficult to get a job as a freelance writer. For example, there are a lot of companies or agencies that publish information online. These companies would like to benefit from your writing talent and pay you for your skills. All you need is a good working internet connection and a laptop to get started.

Become a Personal trainer

Physical activity is very important for everyone, but many people do not want to go to a sports club or Fitness centers. However, if you are willing and, of course, able to train someone else, you can also help improve their physical condition at someone’s home. You will then, as a personal trainer, work for a fee and together with your client you will do specially designed exercises.

Bake and decorate cakes

If you like to bake cakes and other pastries, and if you are a little bit creative, it may be profitable to learn how to bake and decorate cakes for special occasions. You can then (online) sell your creations or bake them on order. A lot of people pay for a special cake.

Babysitting business idea

Babysitting can, certainly for a starting entrepreneur, be an excellent source of income. Especially when you can fit several children at the same time in a certain time, the money will flow in faster. When you also go to babysitting in the evening or at night, you have it all the easier.

Go paid blogging

If you like to write lyrics, it will not be difficult to come up with a topic that you can blog about passionately. The only thing you need for this is a computer, some time and the necessary inspiration. Blogging often starts as a hobby, but can easily lead to an important source of income over time.

Trading on auction sites

Thanks to modern technology, it has become very easy to buy products and sell them again for profit. For example, a lot of people buy full lots (such as a bankruptcy) and then resell them with profit. Trading on auction sites is a good idea to get the good amount of return on investment.

Manufacture custom clothing

The internet offers people who can get along with a sewing machine, and who also love the design of clothes, a lot of opportunities to sell clothes for special occasions. For example, there are people who have started a company that has focused on making customized outfits for certain target groups or events. In addition to selling these clothes online, you can also try to sell your goods at local markets and trade fairs. Manufacturing and designing custom cloth is considered as good Idea for Small Business for beginners to get started.

Pet sitter

Pet Caring is another great Idea for Small Business. When someone goes on a journey, it is often not possible to bring a pet. However, to be on the safe side, you do need a certain amount of compensation and ensure that the animals can stay in a safe place. For example, some people find it a pleasant idea that an animal lover comes to their favorite and that their animals do not have to be brought to a guest house during the absence of their owner (s).

Childcare at home

In a lot of countries, you can start a childcare at home without having to have many permits and certificates in your pocket. If you love children and have enough time and space to catch the little ones, this is a perfect way to make money. All you need is a safe shelter for the children with enough play opportunities and a lot of patience.

Personal cook

If you are a lover of cooking and have already mastered this art, then there are probably customers who want to hire you to prepare a meal for them now and then. For example, you can go to a client’s house once a week to prepare a meal there, of course for a fee, and to take care of the cleaning and washing up. In this way, your customer gets more time for his or her family, and you earn a little extra, on payment of a certain fee.

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Dispose of gardens of animal waste

For a large number of people living in the suburban areas, clearing away the waste that their pet’s leaves in the garden is a hell of a job. For cleaning their animal garden, they prefer to hire someone to do this regularly. By cleaning the yards of animal owners two to three times a week, a lot of money can be made as a starting entrepreneur.

Cleaning work in a company

At a large number of institutions and companies, people are attracted from outside to carry out cleaning work. However, if you want to do this job, you must be prepared to clean offices and public areas outside regular office hours. If you, as a starting entrepreneur, even want to do a few evenings or nights, then there will certainly be companies that want to pay well for this.

Renovate & Decorate Antique

An ideal way to start your own small business is to repair and renovate antiques. You can then sell the refurbished products with a nice profit and in this way build up capital or earn money to make new investments.

Disc jockey at events

When you love music and playing recordings, you might start your own business as a DJ at events. With a large sound system and a broad collection of music, you do not have to invest more to be hired as a DJ. By going to work at parties and events, you can earn a nice penny in a fun way.

Bake delicacy cookies

If you are a real lover of baking cookies and you do not eat all your own baking, then there might be a bright future ahead of you as a special pastry chef. Apart from a number of unique and tasty recipes, you actually do not have to purchase the necessary ingredients and a professional-looking packaging. The cookies that you have baked can then be sold online, but also in local markets.

Catering service

Providing Catering Services in your local area is another great small business idea. If you can cook well and make your job out of it, setting up a catering service may be a good business plan with low investment. For a good catering service, both individuals and companies often like to pay. For example, starting with this work, you can start on weekends and gradually expand the work as your clientele grows.

Organizer of special events

Large parties and other events where many people will be present are often accompanied by a lot of work. Most people, however, do not have enough time to take up this work and prefer to hire an organizer. When you have the talent for organizing events, you probably have to build up a nice customer base that wants to use your services. Moreover, the internet can help you fine with your search for potential customers.

Rent one or more rooms

Having lots of extra space in your big house? Then its time to turn your home into an income property. You can rent your apartments or bedroom to the college-going student if you live in the vicinity of a college or university.
Also, If you live near a tourist attraction, there will certainly be candidates who want to rent the room temporarily at good price.

Wedding planner

If you are someone who is constantly peeping around in wedding magazines and thinking about all kinds of arrangements related to wedding parties, the wedding planner may be the ideal profession for you. To start a Small business in this sector, you first need to have an attractive website or blog. This way potential customers can easily find you and contact you. Of course, as a wedding planner, you can also promote your services at various wedding locations and fairs.

Snow removal

If you live in an area where, for much of the year, it snows regularly, an investment in a snowplow may be worthwhile. If you want to start a little smaller, you can also clear the driveways and sidewalks of family, friends, and neighbors with a snow shovel or snow blower.

Handyman or woman

If you have two right hands, and you can be called a true handyman or woman, then perhaps the basis for your own company lies here. By letting other people know that you can be called for the execution of various minor repairs, you will be amazed at how quickly your customer base can grow. After all, many people do not have the knowledge, or the time, to do such chores themselves and are willing to pay a reasonable fee for this.

Home furnishing

ot everyone has the right to organize and decorate a space. If you do have this talent, it can be a good stepping stone to your own company or a small business. After all, many people would like to pay you if you arrange a space for them as is often portrayed in all kinds of magazines.

Furniture maker

If you are a good woodworker and have the basic equipment necessary for this job, it is not difficult to start your own small business. For example, you could decide to make patio furniture or to repair it. Over time, you can expand your activities further and let the company grow by including new products in your assortment.

Affiliate marketing

The moment you handle several things in a handy way, certain companies can give you quite a bit of money when you promote them and thus stimulate their sales. If you are interested in this form of earning money, you can use one of the affiliate marketing programs that can be found on the internet.

Prepare takeaway meals

By preparing meals in advance, you can save a lot of money for yourself. But even if you prepare these meals for a fee for others, this is often profitable. For example, instead of one portion, you can prepare eight, and there are seven sales to cover your costs. Over time, you can grow your small business by preparing orders from customers, or by offering a variety of dishes.

Personal Assistant

For certain activities, many people simply do not have the time and prefer to hire someone who wants to redecorate them for a fee. Tasks that are often spent include doing a message, preparing a meal or assembling a piece of furniture that has been supplied as a kit. By making you available as a kind of personal assistant, you can now earn more and more money.

Making jewelry

The moment you have an eye for detail and have a lot of creativity and patience, then you can decide to sell home-made jewelry at a profit. You can sell this jewelry both online and in the local markets. Here you can think of gift shops, craft fairs, or auction websites.

Growing and selling vegetables and fruit

If you like to grow vegetables or fruit, you can choose to sell the surplus to a store or a market. Especially during the summer months, you can often earn quite a bit of extra money in this way. However, if you can make a few additional investments, for example for a glass greenhouse, you can further increase your production and continue to offer your merchandise for a longer period.

Create scrapbooks

Although a large number of people would like to have a beautiful scrapbook, they will never even get started with this idea. However, you can easily respond to this need by compiling such a scrapbook against a small fee. Here you make use of the ideas and materials that your customers provide and make a personal scrapbook on order.

Creating slide shows

A slideshow after the death of a loved one, in honor of a birthday or a special event, is considered by many people to be very valuable and special. However, they do not know how to put together such a slideshow. As a creator of slideshows, however, you only need a computer and specific software to be of service to these customers. After all, you will process precious photos of the person who will be in the spotlight in a special way.

Domestic help with an elderly person

The majority of the elderly need help with increasingly simple household tasks, such as cleaning the house, doing the laundry and cleaning the windows. Many of these elderly, or their adult children, are quite willing to hire another who can provide this help. The work is often very varied and flexible because you usually offer your services in consultation with the client in question.

Make clothes adjustments

If you are very comfortable with a sewing machine and are regularly busy with changing clothes, you can also decide to do this professionally. As a starting entrepreneur you can offer your services to people who ask for a simple clothing repair and adjustment. Especially if you charge a reasonable price for your work, your clientele will quickly grow steadily.

Make soap and wellness products yourself

Making special soap and other wellness products yourself is easier than you would initially think. Moreover, it mainly takes some time and patience. As a starting entrepreneur, you can usually sell the made products fairly quickly on the internet or the local markets.

Become a Tutor

If you are good at a particular school subject, you can assist others in their study or homework. You must then have not only sufficient professional knowledge but also a dose of patience. To build up a clientele, you can search for children as well as parents and teachers who find it necessary that a certain course is updated. You can offer student counseling at home, online and even at the student’s home.

Giving music lessons

The moment you can play a certain instrument well, then you can start to give music lessons to children or beginners. In particular music lessons for the piano and the guitar are very popular. In addition to the relevant instrument, you also only need the necessary patience to teach the other person the musical skills.

Website designer

A lot of smaller companies can benefit greatly from a good online visibility. As a rule, these types of companies only have a limited budget available to have a website designed. By playing on this as a website designer, you can build up a large clientele in no time at all. By getting jobs from enough companies you can set up a small business because this work will not take a lot of time from you, but it can deliver the necessary dollars.

Public speaker

People who have the ability to focus attention immediately when they enter a room can often also make their profession. After all, speaking in public is not for everyone and certain people like to give this job too. You can easily respond to this by making you available for having a chat in public. Of course, your customers will owe you a fee for this.

Business or life coach

If you can motivate someone passionately in business or in person to get the most out of a job, or life, then you can consider working as a company or life coach. Use your passion and knowledge to give paid advice. During your work, you show others that they are able to take certain things to lead a better life, both professionally and privately.

Dog Walking Idea

The dog of another outlet is an excellent idea to earn some money. The only thing you need is a few hours every day. You pick up the dogs from a number of customers and walk with the animals. The dogs will get enough exercise and stay in shape, while you also get enough physical exercise and your piggy bank can even be spotted.

Installing computers

If you are very handy and have the necessary insight, then you can earn quite a bit of money by installing computers for others. You can choose to do the work from your own home or that of a customer. If necessary, you can expand your services further by solving various computer problems on payment of a fee.

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Start a service that writes resumes

If you excel in writing resumes, you can help others find the ideal job. By offering these services for a fee, you do not get worse financially and you can speak of a true win-win situation. The bulk of the work will consist of writing, improving, supplementing, designing and correcting resumes. So you really only need a computer and some software to be able to get started right away.

The above suggestions are just a few of the wide range of options available to work on your own Ideas for Small business. It is possible that you can fill the list yourself with a number of other options. Starting your own Small business is only limited by your own imagination and skills. By being creative and not discouraging others, you can often end up on the right track. Before you know it, the success is smiling, and you will have a good running business before you know it.

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