Idrowash, a Professional Cleaning Startup : Italy Startups

Idrowash, a Professional Cleaning Startup : Italy Startups


Yes, there is life beyond the app! When we talk, about startups are accustomed to thinking of the digital, but a good idea can be successful even in a traditional sector. Today’s startup story comes from Italy. Two brothers, Alessandro and Marco Florio, that in 2013 they leave their jobs indefinitely to found Idrowash, company name and technology.

In Italy there is a long tradition in the professional cleaning sector, although this seems rather strange there are no startup or there is greater attention and interest in seeking ideas in which to invest, despite the media Italians abound of the degradation in which news pay the principal cities, literally buried by trash.

Also why the ideas of Florio brothers have been awarded by the Italian Government and have generated a lot of interest in newspapers, radio, and TV. They are concerned with the upgrading of buildings and public places, focusing on reducing the use of chemicals and response times, compared to traditional solutions.

In a country, Italy, rich in ancient buildings, but also buildings, squares, and streets, the work certainly is not lacking. Now thanks to this idea can be recovered in an economic and sustainable way, these places. But the requests also come from abroad, from over 40 countries. A sign that the market is attentive to environmental sustainability in this sector.

But the challenge is not only green, how would a client knowing that the company they trust, on the one hand, respects the environment and the other imposes working conditions that do not respect the dignity of workers? They are perhaps the less important the environment?


Here it is built, and we play face. And on all these social media has a vital role. For this in the plans of Florio brothers, there is no exit, typical of startups, but the social responsibility that the enterprise sees the creation of new jobs. A significant problem in their country, with one of the highest in Europe youth unemployment.

Thanks to social Idrowash is growing rapidly and attracting attention and customers. In Italy, the Millionaire magazine – the most widely read monthly business – in September dedicated to Idrowasha deepening, just for the achievements on social as Facebook.
The same Florio brothers call themselves unbelievers for the attention that their project continues to draw and we are sure will continue to attract.

For contacts and information you can follow them on Facebook. And on website.

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