Why we should integrate camphor products in our lives

Why we should integrate camphor products in our lives


Camphor is one of the most common elements used in many products that we use today. Extracted from a plant of the same, a certain quantity of camphor is integrated into many everyday products, including oil, cream, and lotions. 

However, since we don’t know the benefits of camphor we don’t check for it on the products we buy or even consider it as a separate option altogether. Not anymore. 

Several companies sell camphar products with the dominant element being camphor. Through this article, we try to learn why you need to ditch the old chemical-heavy products and try something more than truly amazing for your body and health. 

  • Camphor products are natural 

The process of making usable camphor starts by extracting it from the camphor tree in the form of oil and then further refined using a complex distillation process. The end product is then used in several products. From air purifiers to skin creams and more, camphar products can be integrated into your everyday lives, comfortably. Since they are natural, they don’t have the chemical side effects that other chemically induced products can have on your skin and body. 

  • Camphor heals 

One of the primary reasons why camphor is used so dominantly in products is because it carries properties like antifungal and antibacterial among others. These properties make it perfect to use for any external skin condition. It also adds to the authenticity and overall benefit of camphar products. Other than healing it also helps in treating hair loss, skin irritation, muscle pain, and acne among others. 

Camphor should get more credits than it gets right now. If you are thinking of buying products for your skin or house, you can try out camphor products. Air freshers, skin lotions, aroma diffusers, soaps, hand sanitizers, and hand wash among other products made from camphor available to use. 

If you haven’t used camphor before, you might find its smell to be a little heavy. But over time, you will get used to it and, ultimately it will make you feel more fresh and pure. 

Some cautionary measures should be in place when using products like camphor. Although it’s natural, heavy use of camphor can cause issues including skin irritation. So, always buy from an authentic source and use camphor products in moderation. Scientifically, products with a concentration of more than 11% camphor can be damaging. So, check the labels before buying. 

People who are trying camphor for the first time can test it on their skin by applying lightly and leaving it for at least a day to see its reaction on the skin. If it’s bad or there are rashes, you are not ment to use camphor. However, if there is no bad reaction and your skin feels ok, you can use products like soap and lotion on your body without a doubt. The best way to start your journey into a naturally rich lifestyle is by adapting to natural products like camphor. All the best! 


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