In 15 Years, Amethi Will Be as Developed As Singapore

In 15 Years, Amethi Will Be as Developed As Singapore


Rahul Gandhi assured people of Amethi that in coming 15 years the constituency will be as developed as Singapore. Addressing a gathering just after inaugurating a school in his parliamentary constituency, the Congress chief also accused the Centre and state government for halting the progress of the state by taking away the big projects. After 10-15 years, when people around us will mention Singapore, they will also mention Amethi in the same breath,” Rahul said. Gandhi has promised that he will again try to bring back some projects, including the food park, in the interest of local youths. “Until and Unless youths of the country will get employment country will not progress up to the mark,” the Congress leader said. He further said that Amethi will become world’s famous education hub soon and nobody can stop this from happening. The Gandhi scion was on a 3-day visit to the family’s pocket borough constituency of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh.

Earlier, Rahul targeted the PM over an alleged cash crunch in a tweeted understand the fraud of demonetisation, your money and pocket of Nirav Modi. Terror of demonetisation has spread again. All ATMs over country are again empty” Facing flak from the BJP for the virtual washout of the recent budget session of Parliament, Congress president Rahul Gandhi also hit the back, saying that the Prime Minister who has time to travel all over the country but could not spare 15 minutes for the Lok Sabha.

“Prime Minister is travelling across the globe, but he does not even have 15 minutes to give a speech in the Lok Sabha.. “As far as the Prime Minister speaking in the Lok Sabha is considered, Rahul Gandhi will not be able to compete with him,” state BJP general secretary Vijay Bahadur Pathak said.

Pathak said that, “Rahul is in his parliamentary constituency and the people there are questioning him about the state of the ‘adarsh’ (ideal) village and what all he has done so far for the development schemes which he had to support.” As far as facing Lok Sabha is concerned all of us know how Modi ji speaks in the Parliament. People who are raising questions on this should self-evaluate as to how long they can sit with full concentration there, Pathak said. Earlier, referring to the Indo-French and inter-governmental pact inked in September year 2016 for buying 36 off-the-shelf Dassault Rafale twin-engine fighters for the IAF, Rahul said, “It’s a case of direct theft in the Rafale deal of Rs.45,000 crore which has been given to an industrialist friend.”

To one question, the Congress president replied, “Jobs were snatched but the Prime Minister did not speak a word on it. Raking up the issue of alleged embezzlement of over? Rs13,500 crore from the Punjab National Bank (PNB) by the uncle-nephew duo Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi, Gandhi said, “Our PM refers to Nirav Modi as Nirav and Mehul Choksi as Mehul bhai and this is a real fact… Whose good days have come?”

“Modi had said that good days will come for all the people, but the reality is that ‘acchey din’ have come for only 15 people like Nirav Modi and Mehul Chowksi. For the poor’s, farmers and labourers, these are bad days,” he asserted. Continuing his attack on Modi, Rahul said, “Nirav Modi fled with country’s money but the prime minister did not say a word against it and instead he took out the notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 from the pockets of the common man with the name of demonetisation and put them in the pocket of Nirav Modi.” Later addressing a gathering at Majhgawa in Gauriganj assembly segment of his Lok Sabha constituency, Rahul said his party wanted all-round Amethi development but the Modi government took away most of the projects including mega food park, IIIT and the paper mill which would have provided employment to thousands of youth. Rahul, however promised that he will again try to bring back some projects, including the food park, in the interest of local youths.

“Until and Unless youths of the country are employed, the country will not progress up to mark,” he said. In a meeting with a committee regarding establishment of a university in Amethi, he said he would make another effort in this regard. Rahul Gandhi said he had already written a letter to the HRD Minister for it. He laid the foundation stone of many projects including establishment of a community centre at Majhgawa in Jamo block. Gandhi has attended the District Vigilance and Monitoring Committee meeting at Gauriganj collectorate. He discussed some issues related to MGNREGA, potable water, road construction with the officials concerned and asked them to complete all the pending projects while ensuring that quality was maintained. He announced the RO plants installation in all government inter colleges for girls and overhead water tanks on toilets’ roofs from his MPLAD funds.


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