Do You Know the Exciting Story of The Founder of Pokémon GO?

Do You Know the Exciting Story of The Founder of Pokémon GO?


Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs, all of this scientist and thinkers have worked on their great idea for years to make it perfect. And when they have done, the outcomes changed the face of the world. Their discoveries and creativities made our lives easier and a lot more fun. We all know the stories of all these creators but here is another great personality who took 20 years to come up with a successful mobile game.

The amazing mobile game- Pokémon GO has become the first choice of game lovers in just a week. It is becoming sensation day-by-day and made massive profits for Niantic Inc. In just a week, the game has seen more downloads than Twitter, Tinder, and other popular mobile apps. But, do you know that it took twenty years for founder John Hanke to create Pokémon GO?

The first online game in 1996
John Hanke started his journey to make Pokémon when he developed his first multiplayer online game (Meridian) in 1996. The game was superb and the gaming company – 3DO purchased it from him.

When John created Google Earth
Hanke also created a software development company named Keyhole expert in geospatial data visualization applications that is GPS linked, 3D aerial view of Earth. Later, Google acquired it in 2004 and gave it a name “Google Earth“. At this time, Hanke decided to focus on making GPS-based games.

The foundation of Niantic
From 2004-2010, Hanke used to run the team of Google Earth. Then, he built the Google Maps and Google Street view. Meanwhile, he founded a the Niantic in 2010, he set up Niantic which was funded by Google in order to design a game based on Google Maps. Niantic released its first geo-based game named Ingress in 2012; that was surprisingly a super hit.

The launch of Pokémon Go
John Hanke secured a significant amount of $25 million from Nintendo, Google and other investors from Dec 2015 to Feb 2016 and began to prepare for the final launch. The team released the Pokémon GO on July 6th and created a history with the highest downloads. In these 20 years, John Hanke really worked hard and grown up as a successful entrepreneur.


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