With a large number of entrepreneurs, Indore has become a big startup...

With a large number of entrepreneurs, Indore has become a big startup hub


Today, India has become one of the growing hubs of entrepreneurs.  And, more than 500 startups are raised in Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal and Indore). From traditional businesses to delicious food, Maheshwari sarees to an advanced hub of technology & startups, Indore has truly an amazing destination. Indore has three local autorickshaw startups – Dhanno, Telerickshaw, and Tuktuk that are competing with Jugnoo. Then, there are two rising laundry services, “GetIronman” and “Remphi”. Furthermore, “Oye 24 and “Bingage”, “Calipso”, “CitizenCop that are bringing amazing services online.

Let’s have a look at four most popular startups from Indore, Madhya Pradesh:


Headquartered in Indore, today WittyFeed has become the world’s 2nd largest viral content company. Founded in November 2014, today this startup has remarkably 60 million unique visitors per month with revenue of Rs 30 crore observed in 2015. When it comes to traffic, content, and search engine optimization, its global rank is 260. Bootstrapped by a pair of brothers Vinay and Parveen Singhal and their friend Shashank, it has already beaten India’s largest content company ScoopWhoop.


ShopKirana is a mobile app that got 500 retailers on board within four months of its inception while managing a turnover of 50 lakh of sales. Today, ShopKirana has become tech-savvy that connects users with sellers of various products via a mobile app. Founded by Deepak Dhanotiya, Tanutejas Saraswat, and Sumit Ghorawat; the Shopkirana connects brands & traditional retailers in the best way. It is creating the fastest platform for the retail market of India.


Incorporated in December 2012, it is the most popular analytics startups that offer an omnichannel personalisation product suite. Founded by Anand Katakwar, RetailReco provides retailers with detailed predictions buys of their old and new customers while using the big data technologies. With over 35 clients in the India, USA, and Australia, the startup is giving the tight competition to the traditional methods of e-commerce customer acquisition.


Founded by Ishan Vyas, Priyanshi Choubey, and Anurag Gupta; Instacar is a leading marketplace for outstation taxis that was founded in February 2016. The startup provides the affordable taxi services to the last-minute planners or frequent travelers who have to pay excessive amounts of money due to the lack of standardized rates and bargain abilities. Within three months, the startup has on-boarded 500+ taxis in Madhya Pradesh. Various investors from Dubai and India have shown their interest in funding in Instacar.

Indore has no shortage of talent, and today with benchmarks set by these four foundations, the startup mentality is bound to increase further.

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