The Low Down on IP for Entrepreneurs

The Low Down on IP for Entrepreneurs


A number of the world’s most prominent and prosperous businesses, such as Apple and Amazon,  recognize that their most important resources are nonphysical intellectual property, such as their brand name and logo design. It’s because these intangible resources are their base of market share, competitive advantage, and profit.

Your organization name, recipes, and ideas are invaluable and need protection also. Keep reading to find out ways to safeguard your company assets lawfully.

Business worth of intellectual property

Business valuation experts have said that intellectual property may be up to 80 % of the worth of the business enterprise. Most business sales get the largest payout on transfer of IP.

Kinds of intellectual property law

In the USA, both state and federal laws protect intellectual property, such as business names, writing, photography, and layouts. This branch of law enforcement is known as intellectual property legislation, including copyright, trademark, and patent legislation. Each circumstance and sort of property is guarded with another set of principles.

  • Works of imagination, such as music, literature, and painting, are protected by copyright law.
  • Business assets like business names, logos, manufacturer, trade secrets, privacy and publicity rights are trademark law.
  • Inventions, innovations in design and manufacturing are a part of patent law.


Copyrights protect works of art, such as painting, design, movies, software, photographs, plays, dancing, music, and songs. There are specific minimum requirements that these functions must fulfill to be eligible for copyright protection.

But, it doesn’t require that a book is published, nor a dance performed to be protected by copyright. The duration of protection varies depending on the date of production.

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Federal and state trademark law is for protection of business names, trademarks, brands, slogans and other identifying things that differentiate your products and services from the competition in your market.

Trademark protection has distinct degrees determined by variables like the industrial use of this trademark, product or service type and the geographical area of recorded trademark usage.

Trade secrets

Your sensitive, and precious, company information is considered a trade secret. Trade secrets consist of confidential preparation of new products, recipes for branded food items along with technical manufacturing processes. Security for trade secrets is contingent on the benefit this info gives your business over the competition and how secretive you’ve got this information as time passes.

Maintaining trade secrets, confidentiality is crucial to legal defense. Including having workers and sellers enter nondisclosure agreements and also to take steps to keep this data confidential.


The US Patent and Trademark office is your official patents grantor for protecting creations, and merchandise designs, which are deemed useful, first and also a valuable improvement upon a current procedure or machines. Security is obtained for a digital part, product development, and hybrid live plants.

In commerce, most protections can be found through a utility or design patent. Utility patents protect the “usefulness” for the innovation provides, while design patents protect the visual appearance and shape of the innovation.

The way to protect your business assets lawfully

Now you understand which sort of intellectual property security you require, whether copyright, trademark or patent, then you wish to understand how to guard your own rights. If another firm copies your patented design, with no consent that’s known as infringement.

While the law says that the minute that you produce a work of art, you’re copyrighted, and the moment you begin using your company name in trade your own also trademarked. But without officially registering your trademark and copyright, you’re in good risk of getting no official beginning date. With this important period, registration is complex to show your ownership in a court of law against some other breach.

Patents has to be registered together with all the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to get whole protection.

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