Mymovierack – India’s first platform for movie & TV show lovers

Mymovierack – India’s first platform for movie & TV show lovers


Startup Story of Mymovierack 

Do you spend more time in deciding which movie/TV Show to watch than actually watching them?
How many times you have ended up disappointed watching a film/TV show which was highly revered by critics.
And most importantly, how many times have you wished the recommendation of movies/TV shows had considered the most important factor, ie. YOU!

If so then, rejoice, a team of three, have built world’s first feeling based discovery engine: MyMovieRack. A web platform where you can rate, review and discover movies and TV shows by feelings and moods.

Piyush Arya, Manish Pandey, and Sumit Gupta shared a common passion for tech and movies and felt that it was a high time when they amalgamated them to deliver something useful to a very large base of consumers of movies and TV Shows. Though, quite a few players have tried to solve the problems and maybe even polish the recommendation and discovery solutions, what sets MyMovieRack apart is its core technology, and user experience design which enables it to be more of a FRIEND than a SAAS. The team boasts of 5+ years of experience in tech biggies such as Microsoft, Directi and Flipkart and education from best engineering and MBA colleges of India.

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Aiming to build the first crowdsourced feeling based library, the platform has organically grown to more than 150K monthly active users spread across 170+ countries, in a span of 2 years. It has achieved such a success through its user-centric approach of serving its user base. It excels in delivering personalized recommendations and curated search results based on a unique #feelings based classification and ranking system, employing cutting edge search and machine learning algorithms.

Besides offering features to rate, review, recommend and discover movies & TV Shows, it offers a platform where users can keep track of their watch-list, get a personalized dashboard for trending trailers, air dates for TV episodes they are watching, movies in cinema and much more at one place. Isn’t it what the movie a buff want !!

The team reflects “We, the millennials, had access to quality education and the opportunity to be early adopters of the digital wave.  By 2012, there were seeds being sown of huge disruptions in conventional business and commerce in form of e-commerce, payments, ride sharing etc. The common theme was customer centricity, where the core value proposition was great customer service. There we saw an opportunity in the media and entertainment arena. Even though a huge market, the then current level of content personalization was still under-baked. Sowing the right seeds at right time in 2012, we opened to public two years ago, after functioning for 3 years in beta

The team’s personal interests in movies and TV shows was a strong driving factor as they were not satisfied with available offerings for discovery or tracking for one’s movie/TV collection. The team believes ratings are an incorrect representation of the quality of the film or TV show and most of the time the audience doesn’t relate to some critic’s 5-star movie. Instead, they need a decent movie according to their mood. Sometimes it can be philosophical-mind-bending, sometimes an emotional-tear-jerker or sometimes just a lighthearted-comedy. Movie genres are too broad for identifying a content for a user and far away from offering him a personalized recommendation. Also, India being world’s largest producer of movies, the team believes that there is a need for such a platform that cherishes the essence and diversity of Indian films (and foreign films and TV Shows too).

Keeping  up with MyMovieRack’s vision to personalize entertainment, the team wishes to expand its feeling rich library, and user base. Soon, the recommendation engine daydreaMMR will be launched which will be able to identify niche interests such as cold war conspiracy movies and drill down its rich library to recommend the best.

A shout-out to all movie & TV buffs:

Anybody can be the part of the mission in creating the largest feeling based library. All you have to do is rate your favorite and unique movie collection on MyMovieRack and our platform will do the rest.

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