Nitin Shah – A look into Shah’s Life

Nitin Shah – A look into Shah’s Life

nitin shah
nitin shah

About Nitin Shah – Founder of Shimnit

Nitin Shah, Founder and Managing Director of Shimnit India started his career at the age of 17. At first, he joined his father’s foundry business. He pursued his passion to learn the business from a young age and focused on learnings and self-development.

Seeking growth to his business, Nitin Shah travelled around the world. He enjoyed travelling and learning about the different cultures and delicacies of various countries. His hobby was to spend his leisure time enjoying scenic mountains. He loved travelling across Europe and America; especially Japan which was like his second home. He learned a lot meeting new and intelligent people through his journey which inspired him to start his own business. In 1987, he ventured out of his father’s business and started Shimnit enterprise which was a proprietor firm.

Nitin Shah Business Journey

His real journey started when he collaborated with the Japanese to sell products including isotropic graphite, lumatic tools, quick collecting couplers, electric power tools, computer data storage, media products, audio-video cassettes, professional beta chem- techs for studios, batteries (button size), lithium batteries etc. He didn’t have to convince the Japanese to Collaborate for Shimnit India, they themselves joined him because of the person he was. He really respected and cared about his relationship with his clients and business partners.

The biggest contributor to Shimnit’s success was the supply of High-Security Registration. The amendment to Rule 50 brought about specifications for registration plates of Motor Vehicles considering the need for standardization of registration plates and also to incorporate security features which would deter all vehicle-related crimes. Nitin Shah ensured the supply of HSRP through-out India. Today, Shimnit Group of Companies has exceptional history of delivering unparalleled work in improving the Transport Sector of our country through diverse projects in the past three decades

Nitin Shah & Shimnit Journey

The addition to Shimnit’s repertoire was the uber-modern system of APM that is Automated People Mover wherein the organization looked to develop the PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) project for various cities in India. The Shimnit India group companies also manage the execution of infrastructural projects like erecting Gantries, Overhead Signage for Government authorities, Municipal Corporations, Corporates, Public sector undertakings, etc. through its organizational units.

The projects of Shimnit India have the right balance of innovation, prudence and vitality with a vision and passion to succeed. The positive energy around the projects encouraged global giants to partner with Nitin Shah and form enduring business associations for the execution of all projects in hand.

To this day the company holds values and dedication as its core is in doing business. Nitin’s Shah journey wasn’t a bed of roses, there were a few thorns along the way but after carefully cutting those off Nitin Shah ensured growth for Shimnit India. In spite of his company, Nitin Shah prioritized held his family very close to his heart. Through his life, he did his best to balance work and his personal life. Today his son Mr Rushang Shah who himself is a successful businessman handles his father’s business. In 2020, amidst the Covid’19 pandemic, Shimnit India launched GermiGo product line which consists of Hygiene products like Hand sanitisers, surface and aerial disinfectants.

The father-son duo enjoys their time working together and growing their business as their values are to help people who work for and with them to grow equally. For both of them, Shimnit India is also their family.

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