PixelDo: We are the Best Aerial Photography Provider for You

PixelDo: We are the Best Aerial Photography Provider for You

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Drones are well known as the unmanned aerial vehicles which are small air crafts that fly without any pilot. You can remotely control them from anywhere, and you can also use drones for a range of purposes. You can use them for mapping the terrain, delivering pizza, transport small items, extinguishing small fires or even they are used by the military for scouting purposes.

We are the best drone photography company

PixelDo is the largest aerial photography service provider in India making the use of groundbreaking photography technology. We are the frontier company when it comes to drone photography and videography. We have the special use of still images, interactive 360-degree angle panorama shots, drone aerial stock footage videos and images taken from the air using the latest cameras and high tech drones.

We love what we do

We are enthusiast about real estate and the hospitality sector. Our idea is to make innovative methods and apply them and give the best products that increase the usability of your estate and other properties. We combine photography and technology both and create great quality, HD, and rich user experiences.

We feel proud saying that we are the first one to create virtual tours, giant images that are accounted as gigapixel, very high quality 360 angle panorama photographs, HD aerial drone stock videos and VR interactive media for various of different business sectors across India.

Our latest invention: The Gamut technology

The project of Gamut, made by us recently has enriched our experience and has been recognized and trusted by various media companies with more than 5 years of industrial work experience certification. Our great enthusiasm and passion for work are the prime factors that made us apart from the rest of the competition.

We are also providing innovative solutions for various industry including tourism, primary industries, journalism industry and various sports media segments and agencies.

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Drones are one of the best gadgets that are developed in the 21st century, and this can be used for various reasons. From recording various movie scenes. To delivering food packages to the other side of the city, to recording soccer games up to keep a record of the wedding, drones are ready to deliver various services and are becoming part of the brighter future. Even various military around the world are using drones for scouting purposes, some of them are even used in the battleground. These smart gadgets are more than just regular toys, in fact, these smart devices can bring our lives simple and hassle-free for the near future.

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