Repair your phone yourself with this 3 helpful tips

Repair your phone yourself with this 3 helpful tips


Have your phone repaired by a mobile repair expert? But to make it cost effective, in some cases you can also fix your phone yourself. In this article we describe three life hacks that you could apply if you are dealing with scratches or a crack in your mobile screen, a phone dropped into the water or speakers and microphones that no longer work properly.

# 1: Scratches or cracks

Warning! The next chance is big. The chance that you know someone walking around with scratches or a crack in the screen of his or her phone. If you are not secretly yourself. After all, if a telephone ends up incorrectly after falling, such damage is easily made. No worries, because in most cases a broken screen can simply be repaired yourself. To get rid of scratches on your screen, we recommend using toothpaste. Toothpaste? Yes really! But then gel-free toothpaste. Keep the following recipe with this ingredient:

Spread the toothpaste in the scratch with a cotton swab;
Make circular movements until the scratch is gone;
To remove the toothpaste, wipe the telephone screen with a cloth. Cleaning your phone is best with a cleaning cloth.
To get rid of a crack in your screen, you first have to buy a new phone screen. You can do that online. You can then repair the screen of your phone yourself using so-called DIY instructions. They can also be found online.

# 2: Disregard

If your phone is not water resistant and you have just accidentally dropped it in the water, you will feel double wetness. One of the lifehacks that you could apply in this case is: put your phone in rice. Rice? Yes really! Rice is useful for extracting moisture from your phone. Besides, it doesn’t matter what kind of rice that is. Go through the following steps in case of wetness:

  • Turn off your phone;
  • Remove the battery – if it can be removed – from your phone;
  • Dry your phone not (i.e., not a hair, not a stove, not in the sun);
  • Put your phone in a bowl of rice;
  • If necessary, vacuum your phone dry with a vacuum cleaner;
  • Wait a few days and then switch on your phone again.
  • Hopefully, with this tip, your wet phone will be back on dry land soon.

# 3: Dust and dirt

Further vacuuming your phone brings us to the final tip. As you probably know, your phone has different speakers and microphones. It may happen that such a speaker or microphone suddenly does not work correctly anymore so that it seems to be anxiously quiet on “the other side” and that is not because the person “you’re looking for” is not “home”. Did you know that you can also remove dust and dirt from speakers and microphones with a vacuum cleaner or petty thief? Dust and dirt can be a cause of poor hearing. It is worth a try!

With the above self-repair tips, you can save a lot of costs that you would otherwise have lost to a repairer. In case if you are looking for any online mobile repair, then we would suggest you go with Gadset. Currently, they are offering their service in Bangalore location. Along with mobile repair, they also provide iPhone screen repair and laptop repair home service Bangalore.


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