5 Features that Your Restaurant Mobile App Must Have

5 Features that Your Restaurant Mobile App Must Have

Mobile app features for restaurant

Time was when the restaurant apps were only used as a tool that helps us find the nearest location and menu. Today, we see an entirely other side of mobile applications widely used in restaurant businesses. As a large number of users are adopting mobile applications to ease their dining experience, several restaurants frequently started using mobile technology with ordering and payment features to promote their business and improve customer services.

We must admit that mobile apps nowadays serve as a direct marketing channel for the restaurant owners and help the users effectively. If you are planning to come up with a food or restaurant app, you first need to understand some factors that must be considered before you start working on mobile app development. Read below the top 5 Feature that Your Restaurant Mobile App Must Have:

Mobile app features for restaurant

Push notifications

How will your restaurant grab customer’s attention when there are multiple food applications already installed on their smartphones? Push notification is an ideal option. When developing an app for your food business, make sure you are implementing this powerful feature. The push notification/message will pop-up on the mobile screen to let users know about the exclusive offers and discounts that you are providing. These pop-ups are also known as the attention-grabbing messages that keep users engaged with your app. Though, you need to have a solid marketing plan to make your app remarkable among your customers.

Multiple platforms

Targeting a wide range of customers through the app should be your primary goal. And, it’s possible if your app is available on multiple platforms such as Apple’s App Store and Google Play. If you have multiple accesses to your mobile app, it will help you get your business noticed by a large number of audience which will ultimately give you possible users to download your app.

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Embed images, videos, and other media content

Embedding images, videos and other media content related to your business create more engagement. It is necessary to add images of food that you have. You can embed videos for your food app that will make your app more interesting. With the media content, you can provide your users with the value that they are looking for and furthermore, they can share them online with their friends.

Customer referral program

It is one of the most effective ways to pull the attention of your users. In referral program, users can invite their friends or relatives to install your app. Your users will get bonus points for each installation. So, it will help you boost the downloads while promoting your business app. You should consider expanding your referral program everywhere through effective marketing strategy. It will encourage participation from a wide range of food app users.


Your restaurant app must have the online payment feature. E-wallet gives customers an opportunity to enjoy the meal without wallets. Most of the smartphone users today prefer mobile payments over cash or credit card. So, you must offer online payment feature in your food app.

Make sure your upcoming restaurant or food mobile app has all the features mentioned above.


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