Everything about Scope of CA in india

Everything about Scope of CA in india


Wanna make your Signature worth more than an Autograph? Wanna become one of those whose signature is even required by Prime Minister? Then you’re looking for the right course. Chartered Accountancy (CA) is one of the most prestigious and challenging course, especially in India.

There is a myth in a society, that A CA just performs Audit and files Returns! Its scope is far more than this. Don’t underestimate CA course.

Now let me answer the most popular question, “What’s the scope of CA”?

Scope of Chartered Accountant

1. CA in Practice

CA can start their practice as an independent practitioner. It surely is an excellent option and rewarding in the long run. Income of practicing CA depends upon their network and as well as their expertise in the field. Alternatively, they can join an existing firm as a partner.

2. CA in job

CAs can go for Jobs with Government firms or big PSUs in their finance department. Via this route, they can expect a starting salary of Rs 3 to 8 lakhs, of course depending upon the organization and the position. In the private sector, Indian companies pay the Chartered Accountants around Rs 3 to 5 lakhs for entry level positions. On the other hand, private MNCs hire CAs on much higher pay scale i.e. Rs 7 Lakhs to Rs 15 Lakhs. Jobs can be also taken in banks, NBFC’s etc.

3. Entrepreneur

They can become a successful Entrepreneur by setting up new business or taking over the existing firm or become a partner or director in some.

A CA can enter any field except Engineering, Medicine! So don’t debar yourself by thinking that CA’s are made only for Audits.


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