Shoes: An Epitome For The Mankind

Shoes: An Epitome For The Mankind


The term footwear was coined approximately 40,000 years ago in the middle palaeolithic period. There they were, craftsmen and inventors, from the United Kingdom and North America working meticulously from sunrise till sunset making a sewing machine. This is how the production of fabric footwear began. Footwear was made originally to protect us from the adversities of the environment, also keeping in mind the temperature and textures. As footwear comes under the category of garments, it was also used to indicate the rank or status of a person within the social hierarchy. With time footwear was no longer made for comfort and relief, it was used for showcasing the style and taste of the individual which was later also ruled by the culture or religion of a particular individual. In the 21st century, shoemaking is considered as a profession where the practitioners are referred to as cobblers, shoemakers or cordwainers. Barefoot is considered as a sign of humility and respect in some culture because of which some people open their shoes before entering the house. In some cultures, people are explicitly forced to follow such rules, for example, people entering temples, a mosque. It is necessary to consider both sides of the coin, which is why some people deliberately force others to go barefoot, portraying their superiority and setting a power disparity. 

Women boots or fashion boots are used for practical purposes. The trend emerged in the 19th and 20th century, and different types like ankle length, calf length was made. The fashion industry has evolved drastically and dramatically from that era to an era in which we are living now, where individuals breathe fashion, style, trend and types as their natural form of CO2. In 1837 Queen Victoria was presented with first of elasticized side boot gusset. The first-ever company to start the production of boots was the Frye Company in 1888. The most common accessories of boots are spats and bootjacks. 

Nova, inspired by a universal trend, offers a wide assortment of women boots, heels and sandals at economical prices. These style-driven shoes step up the shoe game for young, confident women. For any occasion or any season, nova presents us with comfortable footwear around the town. From the beach to vogue party-ready, nova has got it covered. Slippers, sandals, stilettos, strappy high heels, block heels, ankle boots with low or high heels, nova is the universe presenting us with a myriad of choices. Fun fact is nova covers Ipanema thongs and Zaxy shoes, and both brands are well known for their eco-friendly, recyclable and comfort during the summer season. 

This is no secret that women footwear has a variety of choices as compared to men. The most common outfit to be paired with boots are women sweaters with high boyfriend pants. The choices vary from person to person. Some may choose t-shirts with trendy short-skirts and tight-fitting heavenly stockings or leggings paired with high heel boots. Savage, sassy, flattering, incredible, all of it describes what boots can do to make your way through the crowd. Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Walter Steiger, Brian Atwood and many other companies are well known for their boots collection setting the bars too high for each other. 

Shoes create style and style sets up the game affecting the societal behaviour, habits and customs. It is a fashion statement for the people in particular and the world in general also adding function to fashion. A right outfit and a good pair of shoes can make us feel heavenly, like we are floating in and above the clouds crossing all the layers of atmosphere metaphorically. It makes us feel more alive and definitely gives an ego boost. Vogue can be defined by every wearable piece.  The word comfort now has a minimal role to play in the footwear industry, albeit, it is definitely governed more by internal dimensions and space, particularly width and size. During the evolution of footwear, it has managed to increase the number of hygienic, physical and sanitary requirements. The most hygienic being the leather footwear flexible, air-permeable and strong. 

The right kind of footwear for the right time is a necessity to be kept in mind. Shoes connect us to the earth, our inner self to emotions of well-being, agility and health in general. People may think they buy it for Vogue, albeit, it comes back to deep and subconscious being. Freeing the feet can unbolt the door of our minds.

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