Starting a hair salon: what are the rules?

Starting a hair salon: what are the rules?


What should an entrepreneur look for who wants to start his own hair salon shop? What problems can he encounter and what government rules will he have to deal with? You can read that in this checklist: starting a hair salon.

1. Doing market research

In many cases, you will not be the first Hair salon shop in your city or town. That is why it is first of all necessary to do market research so that you can find out whether there is sufficient need for a new hair salon in the area and with your target group.

Thanks to market research you can also discover whether it is wise to specialize: perhaps there is room in your area for a children’s hairdresser or a hairdressing salon that focuses specifically on cutting and styling Afro hair?

2. Write a business plan

To make a flying start as an entrepreneur, writing a business plan is necessary. With a thorough business plan, you map all opportunities, competition and potential customers in detail.

This way you not only get a better insight into the market and your company, but you also make your plans concrete and see if they are feasible.

Certainly if you need starting capital – this applies to most hairdressing salons – and if you are looking for investors, a business plan is also an absolute must. Do you find it challenging to put your idea on paper? Then set a good example of an existing business plan next to it.

You can download a free example plan for self-employed people here.

3. Franchise or own business?

Choosing whether to start your hair salon or to operate under the flag of a franchise brand can be tricky. Both starting within a known franchise (think of: Ami Kappers , Cosmo, Kinki, Hairmaxx etc.), as well as opening your own business has advantages and disadvantages.

As a starter, it is nice that you can count on intensive guidance and other support within a franchise, but a unique hair salon gives you more freedom

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4. Determine rates

Determining the rates is an essential and challenging task for every starting entrepreneur.

This part is also part of the financial plan.

To determine the correct price, you must estimate the monthly costs so that you can use it to calculate what your required turnover is to break even or make a profit.

Take into account, for example, costs for the business premises, personnel, purchasing, depreciation, insurance, taxes, etc.

5. Create a website

As a franchise, you can use the site of the umbrella company for which you work, but if you have started your own hair salon, you must not forget to make your own website.

Nowadays, customers are mainly introduced to your company via the internet. Also use the online advertising options to bring your hairdresser’s shop to the attention of the target group, for example on Facebook.


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