StockEdge Seeks to Change the Equity Analytics Landscape in India

StockEdge Seeks to Change the Equity Analytics Landscape in India


StockEdge, a leading Financial Market Analytics App started its journey as a software tool for satisfying an internal need and soon took the shape of a secret desire, which promises to transform the way stock market is followed in India. StockEdge is an independent mobile application that helps Indian Stock Market Traders and Investors reach better decisions with the help of End-of-day analytics, visualizations, and alerts on the mobile platform.

This idea was formulated by Vivek Bajaj, an IIM Graduate having an experience in the Indian market as a trader & investor for more than 15 years. This idea has been converted into a product by Vinay Pagaria, a Chartered Accountant cum Technologist with more than 15 years of experience in the domain of Data Analytics, Assurance, Software Development, and Consultancy. The product is now evolving continuously with the prime objective of enabling traders as well as investors to “Do their own Research“.

Within a short span of 6 months, StockEdge has become India’s most-downloaded financial market Analytics App with over 170000+ downloads. It has been strongly rating by its users at 4.7 out of 5 on the Play Store.

UMA SARAVANAN from Pondicherry rated StockEdge as 5 stars stating that “No alternative. No peers for some features. I installed 50 fin market apps and uninstalled. This one was never uninstalled. Great comprehensive app. Recommended to both novices and experts. Indispensable. If you are a startup, every chance for buyout by biggies…” on 8th Aug 2016 in Play Store

The app is powered by stock market data from National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and also includes extensive corporate data. It focuses on creating a noise-free framework with filters and visual delight for fastest and effective decision making. It is built on a highly customized and adaptive architecture that gives the most relevant output for the user quickly. As against only top 200-300 companies tracked by the majority of the firms, StockEdge covers all the companies listed on NSE and BSE.

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The App is based on the premise that if a user can devote 10 to 15 minutes each day after the market is over, or before the market begins, to track his/her stocks and look at fresh ideas based on multiple parameters, then the user can become a more knowledge-driven trader/investor.

To achieve the above objective, the App provides a DAILY UPDATES section where, with quick swipes of the screen, the user can keep himself abreast of the relevant stock and sector specific news items, corporate actions, and announcements, forthcoming events, bulk and block deals, latest results of companies, etc.

It also includes an FII/DII section, where the current and historical behavior of Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) and Domestic Institutional Investors (DII) can be tracked and analyzed for both the cash and derivative segments. The entire analytics is presented in a visually pleasing form to aid instant comprehension.

One of the unique features that the App introduces to the retail audience in the Indian Financial world is Scans. Through this innovative tool, any user can, at the click of a button, identify multiple opportunities in the market. The scan section consists of over 100 powerful algorithms that identify stocks based on various parameters. It covers simple yet essential methodologies that detect price movement, delivery and volume statistics, open interest positions and also complex algorithms that identify candlestick patterns. These Scans can further be made favorite for faster usage and effective results.

Stock Research has been simplified by use of Price chart, Fundamental data which includes Quarterly Results (Standalone & Consolidated) with interactive graphs comparing last 5 periods, Ratio Analysis, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Cash Flow and Shareholding Pattern for all listed companies in India. It also includes Technical study and the quick overview of F&O activity.

For better analysis, the 4000+ stocks have been categorized into 40 Sectors which are further classified into Industries. This helps in the study of Market Trends across various companies in the given sector/ industry.

Users can create multiple portfolios using MyWatchlist section. Each Market Watch can be based on a name of individuals, sectors, themes, geographies, etc. It helps users track the percentage return since the day the share was added to that particular watch list.

Tracking what Big Indian Investors are doing has been a burning desire of all the traders and investors in the share market, which has been solved by the latest feature MyInvestorGroup. Here one can create Investor groups based on their liking and capture multiple names/entities of a single investor through this feature and get consolidated deals, insider activities, shareholding, etc.

Mr. Vivek Bajaj, along with Mr. Vineet Patawari an IIM Graduate have taken the onus of spreading awareness and increasing knowledge about Financial Markets in India through Kredent Academy and The rich content has also been made available via the Learn Section in StockEdge. Topics like Capital Markets, Financial Markets, Equity, Derivatives, Technical Analysis, Fundamentals, Economics, Commodity, Currency, etc. are lucidly explained with very straightforward and effective short videos.

To help users navigate through the huge number of tools that StockEdge provides and to empower them to use the App most effectively, the team provides free videos integrated within the app.

StockEdge is the only mobile based app in India, which is 100% focused on research and analytics. It empowers the users to do self-research by providing all necessary tools which are relevant for doing Fundamental Research, Technical Research, Derivatives Research in a very Simple to Understand framework.

“StockEdge does not promote intraday trading rather; it is part of our vision of making Indian retail aware about the opportunities available for creating wealth in Indian Equity Market.”, says Vivek.

The team is driven by a culture of innovation and simplicity with a clear mission of providing concrete value to the user. “The best is yet to come…” promises Vinay.

Go ahead and download StockEdge to experience its amazing features, available for both Android and Apple devices.

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