The House of Artisans – Celebrate the Imperfections

The House of Artisans – Celebrate the Imperfections


THOA is about everything handmade! They celebrate the imperfections that come as proof of something being handmade. Creating products that look out of the world, ensuring that every mark of imperfection stays with the customer who owns it. Celebrating imperfections is something that they say, do, believe!

It all began with a desire to find unique things, to know how something was made, what went behind making it, the wonder of sharing something real, the real story and most importantly the will to celebrate the imperfections that come with it.

It was THOA’s founder and life force ‘Shineel’, whose love, desire and conviction for doing all these things were behind the birth of The House of Artisans. As Shineel puts it “Imperfection is a mark of authenticity, a form of expression, a story that makes something real and gorgeous.”

THOA’s philosophy of ‘celebrating imperfections’ is what makes them so different. They are crazy about having products that are someone’s passion, something that tells a story of who they are, something that is most dear to them. And they love being a medium for those who appreciate this passion, love, and effort!

THOA works with the rural artisans, the makers who are passionate about making things gorgeous with their own hands. They make them a part of their family, from sharing a good laugh every now and then to having their back whenever they need it. These artisans are master craftsmen in their fields who can turn the most unique ideas into reality. THOA takes pride in sharing the incredible work of the artisans, their real stories, those rough edges that make each of them unique.

They have recently also opened their doors for all the innovative and talented hands out there through their initiative “Urban artisans” inviting the most unique creations across the world!

All of THOA’s products are 100% handmade. They are From humans, By humans, For humans.

Every piece that is made, its material, technique, the craftsmanship is one of a kind. From their Gourmet collection to Dhaatu, Ekisa, Rangoon each collection has a different idea and story behind them.

THOA’s most appreciated collection is the Wisdom Woods, where all the pieces are made from the wood that naturally ages and falls off or because of landslides, storms and sometimes comes drifting to the banks of the river. Not a single tree has been mined in the making of this collection. Therefore every piece looks different from the other, so imperfect, yet so beautiful! THOA is making its own contribution towards sustainability.

The reason THOA strongly believes and talks about imperfection is that they want people to understand that what they perceive to be imperfect is the exact thing that makes them unique. They go a step beyond accepting and embracing these imperfections, and urge us to celebrate those imperfections, those idiosyncrasies each day! They want everyone to feel special about themselves.

THOA is created out of this energy to appreciate authenticity, rawness and the experience of owning something made by a human! Something soulfully handmade and gorgeously imperfect. Much like all of us.

THOA’s mission is to change the way the world looks at handmade! Because handmade is not a product, It’s a lifestyle!

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