Tastebells- Redefining Indian Food Habits

Tastebells- Redefining Indian Food Habits

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Are you one amongst millions of professionals settled away from home because of your work commitments? Well, people like us have a common pain point-we all long for our home town delicacies we have grown up savouring. Often the longing for these becomes so prominent and all consuming that we either have to request our nearest kin or some office colleague visiting that place to get us a box of our favourite foods.

In the absence of such conveniences, we have to, in vain, resort to the nearest store selling closest copies of that food. Food is one thing so integral to our lives that we often do not mind going the extra mile to relish the best ones.

Coming to the rescue of hometown food starved souls is TasteBells – an online curated food store that specializes in selling famous authentic food delicacies from different parts of India from the best of the food makers.

Faced with a similar issue when stationed away from their hometowns, the founders at TasteBells felt the dire need for a service which could fetch them their best foods from their native cities without hassles. This thought germinated into a full fledged concept that is TasteBells today. If you can manage to eat the best samosas in India, then why settle for the options available in your vicinity.

This brand is an attempt to bring people closer to their choice of food. They envisage creating a food web where the flow of food takes places as easily and smoothly as the flow of information on the web. Keeping in mind the popular taste preferences, their team of curators scouts for the most popular of regional food makers who have become institutions in themselves for their specialty foods. From the ever popular rich patisa and sund panjeeri of Jammu, to the melt in mouth nolen gur sandesh in Bengal to the legendary Rajasthani ghewar to the world famous Tirunelvelli halwa and mysore pak, their sweets portfolio is a heaven for all sweet toothed foodies.

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Their collection also includes mouth watering culinary delights like namkeens and savouries from the best of brands across India, to handcrafted and artisan to bakery goodies, to whole spices and regional spice mixes to homemade pickles and chutneys, to artisanal healthy teas and coffees, to gourmet foods. There is enough to satiate the taste buds of one and all and to suit one’s mood.

What a God sent assistance at a time so crucial when people are hard pressed for time and value convenience over any thing else! In the words of the people spear heading the venture, ‘We firmly believe that we are in the business of gifting experiences, experiences which are far valuable than most precious gifts around. Imagine sitting in a remote corner of Kerala and having the sheer pleasure to gorge on some deliciously chewy caramel stick jaws from Dehradun!’ Such experiences are best felt and assimilated within one self for they bring to life our long lost sweet childhood memories.

India by the virtue of its colourful cultural diversity has given to the world a cuisine so rich and flavorsome and so varied that it is regarded as a paradise for foodies. TasteBells endeavours to bring that very essence of India to our tables without the hassle of having to depend on anyone to savour your best delicacies. After all, geographical distances should never be a barrier to relishing your popular foods.

Providing pan India deliveries, this brand also aims to bring into the mainstream some truly legendary local brands who have stood the tide of time and enjoy a clientele amongst the most accomplished luminaries. A lot of talented food makers who are cooking inspirational food stories also comprise of their healthy, natural food collection.

TatseBells not only aims to empower people to have their best foods on the go, but also aims to bring to the forefront some really talented food magicians who have been gifted with culinary skills. Ensuring happy satisfied stomachs, and equally happy food makers, this venture will surely be a reason for your long lasting smile for years to come.

Come explore and experience the rich culinary heritage of India in the comfort of your homes with TasteBells and let’s make a promise never to crib about missing home while being away from home. Redefining Indian food habits and recreating the joy of soulful eating, this venture is sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

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