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data recovery software

Top 5 best data recovery software

Mishandling, malicious software or a USB key formatted by mistake, no one is safe from data loss. Do not panic ! Here is for...

Three Finance Apps That Can (Mostly) Replace Your Bank

One tech development that feels somewhat underappreciated this decade is that various apps have made personal finance and investment almost fun. This isn't necessarily...
How to Create an Online Presence for Your Business

How to Create an Online Presence for Your Business

There are many steps involved in establishing an online presence for your business. Designing and building the website alone can take upwards of several...
Pixeldo India

PixelDo: We are the Best Aerial Photography Provider for You

Drones are well known as the unmanned aerial vehicles which are small air crafts that fly without any pilot. You can remotely control them from...
Top wordpress plugins for business sites

Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Your Business Website

As per updated WordPress stats 2017, there are approximately 60 million people who are using WordPress as the platform for their website. WordPress is...

Android Apps to Boost Your Phone’s Efficiency

Android phones today are built to handle the vast number of apps and tasks that we rely on them for, boasting robust batteries and...

Udviser: Augmented Reality App for Shoppers and Movie Lovers

In today’s technology world, it’s difficult to surprise anybody with a new app. Especially with a shopping app. As of today, Google Play Store...

8 Different Ways You Can Help Your Business Videos Goes Viral On YouTube

YouTube videos have turned out to be the most ingrained part of our society. Each and every one of us wants our business videos...

Business-Useful Free Online Tool for a Wide Variety of Occupations

In the modern business environment, it is quintessential that the flow of information is free and uninterrupted so that everything could be done in...

Making Sense of Big Data : KT Prasad – Country Sales Director, Zendesk

Each year, fresh information is collected by companies in various sectors, and this ends up in repositories. A lot of this data is left...

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