Tips to improve the autonomy of your laptop

Tips to improve the autonomy of your laptop


Those who spend a lot of time on road will benefit from having their laptop’s Battery lasts as long as possible. Unfortunately, things always seem to give up at the wrong time. You can get more out of your Battery with the help of the following tips.

1. Save mode

When your laptop indicates that its Battery is low, your first reflex should be to switch to energy-saving mode. The function will automatically make some adjustments to the settings of your laptop so that the battery life of your device is extended. You can enable the mode by going to the Windows 10 Action Center and clicking on Battery saving at the bottom.

2. Easy work

In addition to switching off unnecessary software, you also need to adjust the way you use your computer. After all, multitasking requires a lot of energy from your device. Limit yourself to one app at a time, and your laptop will last longer. Also, the type of application that you use during moments of low energy counts. Leave out extensive Office software and use a simple text editor as a notepad. Also, after puchase you can rent you laptop to make extra bucks. Consider Laptop on rent Services if you want to Rent Laptops in Kolkata

3. Optimize settings

Not all devices can be switched off without compromising the operation of your laptop. However, this does not mean that you cannot adjust the parameters of the components for the benefit of autonomy. Turn off the backlight of your keyboard and reduce the brightness of your screen as much as possible. By also reducing the resolution of your screen, you increase the time that you can use your laptop. 

4. Background processes

The software also ensures that your Battery loses energy visibly. Open the task manager and check which applications and operations are running unnecessarily in the background. Some software is essential for the proper functioning of your device, while other processes are superfluous and will burden the Battery of your device. Cloud services are an excellent example of this. They are useful services, but you will still be able to use your computer correctly if you have disabled the associated processes.

5. Device Manager

Once you have enabled the saving mode of your laptop, you can further improve the autonomy by turning off unused devices and ports. Start by disconnecting USB devices such as a mouse. Then go to the control panel and click on Device Manager. You can further extend the life of your Battery by switching off your graphic card, Bluetooth adapter, and WiFi adapter. Finally, unused USB ports can also waste energy. Return to Device Manager to turn off the ports.

6. Battery

Of course, you cannot achieve good autonomy if you do not handle the Battery of your laptop properly. It is sometimes said that you can only charge your Battery for 80 percent and that you cannot continuously connect it to a power outlet. However, these tips are no longer of this time. You do well to ensure that the Laptop Battery is properly cooled at all times. Clean your laptop regularly and ensure that no dust can collect on the ventilation grilles.

7. Maintenance

You also have to maintain the software side of your laptop. Make sure your hard disk is not full of files and applications that you no longer need. Your hard drive will, therefore, have to use more energy to find the right data. That is why it is also advisable to defragment your disk regularly if you are still using an HDD. Since an SSD uses flash memory instead of spinning disks, such drives use less energy anyway. In case if you face any problem in fixing the laptop issue then we suggest you to consider Gadset laptop repair Service.

8. Backup

Is the Battery of your laptop – despite previous tips – completely empty? At such times, a backup battery can help you out. If you have a computer where the Battery can be changed, you can purchase a second battery. You can also use an external extended battery. You can plug these batteries in the same way as the adapter of your device. You can, therefore, consider them as a portable outlet.

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