Use nothing but the best organic hair color by Colormate

Use nothing but the best organic hair color by Colormate


There is no denying the fact that a lot of people are preferring organic hair colors nowadays instead of chemical based ones. The reason behind the increasing popularity of organic hair color in India is due to the fact that these colors do not impart any damage to hairs and looks great for a long period of time. With time, people are getting more concerned about the health of hairs rather than looks and organic hair color is the best way to style your hairs without causing any damage.  

If we take a deeper look in our history, we will find that people were using heena, bramhi and many other organic elements to color their hairs. The best part about these organic hair colors is that they not only give you a perfect look but also nourishes the hairs. It is a perfect amalgamation of strength and style.

Certain brands like colormate are providing organic hair color in India which is constituted carefully using best in class ingredients like heena, shikakai, amla, moringa, etc. Instead of using ammonia-based colors, organic hair color is a great option for everyone and you can use these colors for long periods without worrying about any damage to your hairs.

Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients of organic hair color in India and how they are beneficial for your hairs.


Heena has been used as a coloring agent for centuries. It promotes the growth of hairs and prevents fall. Apart from that, it is also beneficial for scalp health and unclogging the pores which support the growth of new hairs. With its natural ability to balance pH levels, it nurtures healthy hair growth and also improves the texture of hairs.  


Often termed as hair fruit, shikakai has been used in India for centuries to provide nourishment to the hairs. Shikakai nourishes your hair follicles and it is a great source of many vitamins especially vitamin c which is very essential for hair strength and texture. Is one of the major ingredients of colormate which ensures stronger hair every time you apply the color. Apart from that, it is also a great source of antioxidants which helps in preventing free-radical damage to your hairs.


Amla is also rich in antioxidants and vitamin c which prevents hair from damage and nourish them for greater strength. In addition to that, amla improves the blood circulation that’s why a lot of people massages their scalp with amla oil.


Hibiscus is rich in vitamin c and amino acids which is two of the major building elements of hairs. Amino acids play a vital role in the quality and texture of hairs.


Moringa consists of a high quantity of vitamin A which is important in building tissues. Vitamin A also prevents hair loss and plays an important role in the formation of healthy tissues and cells in the body and for hairs as well.

These are some of the many organic ingredients that are commonly found in organic hair colors in India.

About Colormate:-

Colormate is one of the leading organic hair color provider in a nation which ensures strengthen, nurtured and good looking hairs after every application. Colormate is the Brain Child of Mr Amit Gupta, the Brand Color Mate Hair Color was launched in the year 1999 with a range of unique and very high quality Hair Colors.


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